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Trina's Happy "Bird" Day Tea

Funnest Tea Ever!

In September, we celebrated a dear friend, Trina's, birthday. It was so much fun to plan this Tea for her! She loves everything you do. :-)

I purchased wooden bird houses for $1.00, (yes, that was $1.00!) at Micheal's. I also purchased dowels and small flat wooden circles and hot-glued them together to make elevated bird houses for name tags. I varied the heights. Tearing around the edges of the paper, name tags were fashioned with computer generated name printouts. The edges were dipped in brown rubber stamp ink so it looked antique, or worn. Some may want to paint the birdhouses, but I desired a natural look for mine. Next, I attached little silk flowers, also purchased at Micheal's and adorned them with sequins and hot-glued them to the bird houses, twig chargers, and menu cards. They were adorable!! (If I do say so myself). ;-)

To make the menu cards, start with a sheet of 8.5 X 11 white card stock paper. Cut them in half to form 5.5 X 4.25" cards. Mounted a smaller piece of a cloud paper design (purchased at an office supply store) on top of that presenting about a 1/2 inch white border on all sides under the cloud paper. Print in coordinating pink ink a special themed menu for your Tea. Embellish with a bird and nature theme. (Words printed below). I used Martha Stewart stickers of birds, flowers, and branches, that came in one package. You can cut them apart and affixed them to the menu cards and finish the cards by attaching a pink gingham bow and more of the coordinating pink silk and sequined flowers. I don't even think Martha and her team could have done better on this!
(I'm not bragging, I am just saying...) ;-)

Here is the wording used for the Menu:

Trina’s Happy “Bird” Day Tea

“Light as a Feather” Cucumber Mint Sandwiches

“Golden Egg” Salad Sandwiches

“Bird's Delight” Crab-Stuffed Avocados

“Chirp Chirp” Bacon, Basil and Tomato Sandwiches

Tweet Sweets

“Over The Rainbow” Apricot Pecan Scones

“Chocolate Chirp” Scones

“Floating on a Cloud” Clotted Cream

Hidden Seed Raspberry Jam

"Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" Raspberry Soup

“Feather Your Nest” Chinese Chicken Salad

Sweet Tweets

“You’ll Be Humming, Birds” Lemon Bars

“Flying High” Chocolate Cupcakes

“A Berry Nice Berry” White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

“Bird in the Hand” Tea Cookies



  1. The Happy Bird Tea was one of my all time favorite teas. I was blessed to be a part of it. I will be watching for all your special ideas and loving touch you put into all you do.

  2. Thank Janice! You added so much to the day. And thanks for following my blog. Feel free to share with your friends. Looking forward to our get together tomorrow.