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Breakfast & Beyond

I have been hoping to have someone over to share this table setting with.  The perfect pair joined me this morning!  My friends Cindy and Darlene have the same passion for dishes and glassware that I have! 

Yvonne, from featured a beautiful Coffee Bar on her blog a few weeks ago.  That blog post inspired me to do something similar. I LOVE her ideas.  I scoured the stores until I found the three-tiered piece that would serve me well.  This one was discovered at good ole Home Goods. This is how I made it work for me.

Paired to the red roses were my St. Patrick's yellow roses.  This is such a sturdy, beautiful and long lasting rose.  It doesn't have much of a fragrance.  But what it doesn't have in scent in makes up for in appearance and longevity. I love it!


A cheerful "honey-bee and apple" table square is the foundation for the swirly designed rim on the white plates from Mikasa. To me, the design resembles a bees path in flight.  Newly acquired polka dotted luncheon plates (Tai Pan) were added and topped with my favorite Depression Era dish pattern, "Miss America".  They add a touch of elegance to any other pattern.  The setting was then embellished with a green napkin pulling from the green leaves on the apples, then tied with a gingham ribbon to enhance the black from the bees, and a sweet red rose napkin was formed to provide the finishing touch.

Can you imagine how delighted I was when I found the bumble bee coffee mugs at Pier 1?  The red flatware has been used with more tablescapes than I ever would have imagined. We shared a wonderful breakfast of an omelet, bacon, mixed fruit salad, pineapple zucchini bread, Hazelnut Creme coffee, and orange juice.  We needed our energy for the full day of antique shopping we embarked upon in San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano. ;-)

Villa Cucina

 Standford Court Antiques

One of the amazing shops we visited was Villa Cucina.  It is, by far, the nicest shop in San Clemente.  It would be next to impossible to leave this shop without buying something!  The owners have the two most darling little boys helping them delight the customers with their big blue eyes, beach boy blond hair, and wonderfully friendly smiles.  If you are in the area, you must visit Villa Cucina.

We were impressed with the Mahogany scented candle and crosses made of bottle caps at Christopher Lee Antiques & Gifts. We browsed San Clemente Antiques and Stanford Court Antiques at the east end of the block as well as Antiques and Uniques across the street from there.  We also were able to visit a street fair at the west end of Del Mar Street.  Here is a map of downtown SCL with pictures of the shops:

We then ventured over to The Barn Antique Mall in San Juan Capistrano. We stopped for an incredibly delicious bowl of tomato soup at The Sun Dried Tomato. (Don't ask me why we were having soup in this hot weather :-/.  All I can tell you is it was WELL WORTH IT!   The grand finale for us was a lively Country Western band performing in the park in SJC behind The Barn Antiques.  It was amazing they could play so well and for so long in 90+ degree weather!

We all come back with a great find or two ;-)!  I think we would all call it a delightful day!

Refreshing Summer Waters

Greetings from Canada!

Below are our pictures from our summer vacation in Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Glacier Park, and Kananaskus.
I hope they make you feel cool when you view them.  It's been in the high 90's here the last few days!

Above:  Banff Springs Hotel View

Water at the Athabasca Glacier...Ahhhh!

Summer in Jasper, Canada: Snow on the mountains, lake and pool at the resort ;-)

Kannanaskus Hotel

And last, but not least, beautiful Huntington Beach

Three Gals That Make My Life Delightful

Click on the arrow at the left

I can't help but brag about my 7-year-old granddaughter!  
This 14 second video will show you one of the reasons why! 
 I think we may have a future Olympian!  She brings me so much joy!  I just adore her!
Go Jensen!!

 Two other super sweet hearts in my life are
 my daughter-in-law, Kim, and my oldest granddaughter Morgan

There are no people nicer than these two!  This was right before we left to go see The After The Final Rose Ceremony in Hollywood, on July 22 in which Jef proposed to Emily!  I'm pretty sure they were really excited to go.  Morgan teaches Cheer to little ones, works in an office, AND attends college full time!!  Kim is a special-ed teacher, wife, and mother of four! 

I am indeed BLESSED to have these gals in my life!!  Who makes your life delightful? 

Sneak Peak At "Under The Sea" Table

I thought there was NO WAY I could top last year's beach themed table.  Last year was my first year to set a table this way.  When I started setting the table this year it just kept looking better and better and BETTER!  The blue sparkly Mylar sheeting makes you feel like you are actually underwater!  (Like the submarine ride at Disneyland!)  I am so excited to share my finished work with you!  I'm off to find some under the sea friends for a spectacular idea I have. 
I have been conducting a contest for my local followers in which the grand prize is dinner for themselves and three of their friends in my home.  I have given them the choice of Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner with 12 different themed tables. If they win.  I wouldn't be surprised if this is the theme they choose.  It is just FUN...and delightful!  :-)