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Bird-Themed Kitchen Vignette

A little rearranging was in order in my kitchen.  I placed this vignette  on one counter in my kitchen.  I have a "grapes and birds" theme going on throughout the kitchen.  Additionally, I have a rooster and chicken theme that is emerging!  Technically they are birds! ;-)

Hap Brandon, my talented artist friend, painted the chickens above the flowers.  They coordinated perfectly in my black granite counter topped kitchen and the burgundies, golds, and greens throughout.  Click on her name above and you will see the immense talent she possess!

Some people do not like what they call "clutter" in their kitchen.  I love being greeted and surrounded by lovely things that look more like a "feathered nest".  What is your personal style? 

Easy-to-Make Vintage Recipe Box For a New Bride

Recently, for a Bridal Shower for a very dear friend's daughter, we oldies-but-goodies, auntie types, decided to gift the bride with some old-fashioned recipe cards.  (I say this because the young gals use the internet these days to find everything!) We vintage ladies still hold dear the beloved Recipe Box.  We were asked to bring two recipe cards. One was to be a treasured recipe we wanted to share, the other was to be our very own Recipe For a Happy Marriage. 

Above is the recipe card box that I created.  I stained the box first, then sealed it with Modge Podge, then measured, cut and Modge Podged a logo I created for the bride and groom to the top of the box.  Within the box I decoupaged a carefully measured and cut  old favorite of a Recipe For A Happy Marriage, in which the author is unknown. (Sorry the picture is so out of focus!) To finish the vintage look, I attached with glue some antique-look sequins all around the border of the logo atop the box. 

When all was said and done, we were all quite pleased with the results and we believe the bride enjoyed receiving such a heart-felt gift from her surrogate aunties.  We hope she will enjoy it for many years to come and remember her special day.