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How To Host a Delightful Spring Luncheon for Eight

Hello Dear Blog Followers! I am hosting a class on 4/23 in  my home. I have one spot left in this class.  We have a lot of fun and it includes a luncheon. I will also be demonstrating how to set a table for eight for less than $25. This is the perfect class to take before Mothers Day or someone's birthday. If you,  or someone you know would like to attend, please email me at First come, first served. I hope you can join us.  My next class will be in the summer. Here's the info:
 Have a delightful day my friends!


The Most Incredible Living Artist I've Seen in My Lifetime

I have a dear friend named Hap.  Isn't that a terrific name?! I haven't known an artist as talented as her in my lifetime.  She truly is gifted by God. At one time she worked for Disney as an Art Director. I know her passion to be painting beautiful artwork. She uses a variety of processes. See samples of what this very talented artist can accomplish. I believe she will work with your custom wishes. You may view her website at

 These lovely ladies reside in my kitchen where I gaze upon them daily.

A few of her magnificent Christmas cards.

 These are merely samples of the many creations she has painted.  

Each year at Christmas time she paints an incredible Christmas picture/card approximately 8.5" by 11", and distributes it to those who are truly blessed to know her.  I sincerely hope you will visit her website or contact her for showings, requests, or just to tell her how amazing her work is. I'm sure she could design incredible invitations, announcements, or any custom idea you have in mind.  She even fixed a mural in my bathroom that, let's just say, was  lacking.  See mural here.

Hap Brandon has brought much delight to my life with her friendship and God given talent. I know that you will find that in her as well.
Hope you have a delightful day. 
XOXOX, Debbie

Ideas for a St. Patrick's Day Luncheon


Above is the invitation that was sent to my treasured friends via e-mail for a St. Patrick's Day Luncheon. The artwork was purchased online.  I then fashioned the invitation for my event.  I loved the spray of shamrocks upon the dramatic ebony background.

I was very excited to have these lassies over for a lunch of a limeade welcome beverage, an artisan salad, Irish Beef Stew within a bread bowl, followed by Key Lime pie.

Come see my tablescape designed for a fun afternoon.

This is how I set the table before I decided on the menu.  Once decided, the sherbet cups were not required.  But, I enjoyed gazing upon them for a few days.

Still in the preparation stage, I experimented with many ideas.  I could have kept the cards on the arrangement rather than giving them out with the party favors because they are so cheerful, however, I felt they would get in the way and be a nuisance, so I opted not to.

I opted for these darling headbands I found at Party City.  They were so cute and had the added bling I so enjoy featuring.  Plus, they served a duel purpose.  While called headbands, my friends chose to wear them as necklaces. I like it when people think outside the band!

The bands were positioned at an angle to be a little out of the expected realm.

The napkins were place on the salad plates with a gold napkin ring that chimed in with the gold, embossed chargers and gold-plated  flatware. When I purchased the flatware many years ago, I chose a pattern that  was simple, elegant, and would go well with any table setting.  They have served me well for many years.  When I find one has accidentally made it into the garbage disposal for a ride similar to Indiana Jones at Disneyland, I simply go to and order what I have destroyed.

We enjoyed a delightful artisan salad atop a Depression Era Anchor Hocking Forest Green Bubble plate placed upon an embossed gold charger.  It was so Irish looking!

Constructed with mixed greens, avocado slices, Mandarin oranges, dried pomegranate seeds, and candied pecans.  It was topped with a delicious Brianna's dressing.


All the yummy ingredients before baking, including thyme, parsnips and Italian parsley.

A hollowed out bread bowl awaits the delicious stew.

 The salad was followed by a scrumptious Irish Stew in a Bread Bowl.  
Recipe found on Pinterest via The Cozy Apron.  
I added additional carrots and potatoes to the recipe.

 The grand finale was a homemade Key Lime Pie.  

A fun time was had by all.  Note to self: Next time, ask your guests to come up with Irish Blessings, not Irish Limericks!   :- O

As my dear friends departed for home, I presented them with a bag of Lucky Leprechaun Crunch for their pleasure.

Packaged for giving, two ways.

Here's the recipe for the Lucky Leprechaun Crunch:
2 bags white chocolate chips, melted
1 bag gourmet white popcorn
11/2 cups pretzel sticks, chopped
1 bag of mint green M&M's
1 bag of lime jelly beans
1 cup raw almonds
1 sleeve of Girl Scout Chocolate Mint cookies, quartered
1 sleeve of Oreo Mint Thin cookies, quartered
Melt the white chocolate 30 seconds at a time, stirring each time until melted.
Stir in the popcorn and add all other ingredients.
Spread out on a large cookie sheet lined with wax paper.
Chill for about on half hour.
Break into pieces and place within a cellophane bag.  
Tie with a shamrock themed ribbon.

This delightful concoction has a very minty taste and is quite refreshing.   
Give as party favors, 
or neighbor/friend gifts just to let people know you are thinking of them.
I hope you had a delightful St. Patrick's Day!

An Irish Prayer 
 May God give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.

Until next time...