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The Most Incredible Living Artist I've Seen in My Lifetime

I have a dear friend named Hap.  Isn't that a terrific name?! I haven't known an artist as talented as her in my lifetime.  She truly is gifted by God. At one time she worked for Disney as an Art Director. I know her passion to be painting beautiful artwork. She uses a variety of processes. See samples of what this very talented artist can accomplish. I believe she will work with your custom wishes. You may view her website at

 These lovely ladies reside in my kitchen where I gaze upon them daily.

A few of her magnificent Christmas cards.

 These are merely samples of the many creations she has painted.  

Each year at Christmas time she paints an incredible Christmas picture/card approximately 8.5" by 11", and distributes it to those who are truly blessed to know her.  I sincerely hope you will visit her website or contact her for showings, requests, or just to tell her how amazing her work is. I'm sure she could design incredible invitations, announcements, or any custom idea you have in mind.  She even fixed a mural in my bathroom that, let's just say, was  lacking.  See mural here.

Hap Brandon has brought much delight to my life with her friendship and God given talent. I know that you will find that in her as well.
Hope you have a delightful day. 
XOXOX, Debbie

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