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Spring, Easter, Mothers Day Tablescape in Blue & Pink

While this was the table that I set for an Easter dinner, it could easily be adapted to any other special occasion.  Being very fond of birds, I have several sets of dishes with bird themes.  They bring me great joy to use and I hope bring delight to my guests. 

My husband has a been entertained by a family of humming birds that have now returned for the past few years.  They made their nest in the birch tree outside his office window.  He enjoys watching the momma bird feed her babies.  

One year, we had a sweet little sparrow that kept trying to fly into our octagonal window in the family room.  The poor bird kept hitting the window with its beak.  For days, he never gave up trying!  John nicknamed him Einstein.   I think I scared him off last year when I got my camera out and took pictures of his attempts.  We haven't seen him since. :-( Einstein, you are welcome to come back, I have a bird bath in the backyard now!

I located pink flatware and used it for a casual feel.  Pink sherbets that resemble Morgantown Crinkle Glass held fruit.  The pink water goblets are a favorite find of mine purchased at an antique store in Michigan.  Gingham always gives a table a more casual feel, don't you think?  I love for my guests to feel as relaxed as possible.  Gingham seems to have that psychological effect. Do you agree?


Hopefully, you can see the nest and lantern elevated to eye level.  My "Double Delight" rose chose to bloom at just the right time!  Love that name! ;-)

Above you see an Easter favor placed at each place setting; a wrapped chocolate See's Candies egg, accompanied by a glass cross and a card with a poem about the significance of the cross.  I include my Lord at every meal.  Sometimes I'm more subtle than others. Salt must be sprinkled lightly.

On the wooden stand you can barely see the birdie salt and pepper bird house shakers purchased at Pottery Barn.

I located cherry blossom paper napkins that coordinated with my cherry blossom centerpiece.    Below are a few more table pictures.  I hope this brought your eyes some visual delight.  I just love setting beautiful tables.  What is your passion?

I love to read your comments, you can join in by clicking on the blue "comment" section below this blog post.  I hope you have a delightful spring.  I'm always interesting in hearing what events and activities you have planned. 

Purple & Green Easter & Spring Tablesscape

A few years ago I discovered this lovely set of dishes at an antique store in Old Towne Orange for a very reasonable price.  Because I host Teas now and then I knew they would be useful in a variety of ways.  This is the first time they will be featured for Easter dinner.  The amethyst glasses are vintage, the crystal is Lenox Charleston, the tablecloth is by Ralph Lauren.  I will be placing a potted purple pansy at each place setting for additional life and color.

Bird & Floral Center Piece

The pansies and purple napkins add a lot to the dimension of the table.  I'm looking forward to Resurrection Sunday with great anticipation as it will be the first time in a long time that almost all of my local family will be together. Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and yours.  Hope it is delightful!  

Gift Wrapping That Wows

This gift wrap is so beautiful for a birthday, wedding, shower gift, Mothers Day, hostess gift or any other occasion. These types of boxes can be purchased at HomeGoods or Tuesday Morning for about the same cost as wrapping paper and ribbon.  When embellished with a few silk flowers and a unique ribbon it totally elevates the look to extraordinary.  I would be delighted to open a box like this, wouldn't you?  

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The Best Vegetarian Appetizer-OneThat Leaves a Lasting Impression

Belgium Endive Vegetarian Appetizer

I first enjoyed this very impressive, yet simple-to-make appetizer years ago at a party I hosted in my home.  We are talking at least 10 years ago!  I wanted to serve my friends an appetizer that was really memorable (in a good way!).  This is the one!

My friend, Melinda, brought it.  We met 16 years ago at Jury Duty!  A group of 5 of us have kept in touch over the years.  She was gracious enough to share it with me and was delighted that I remembered it after all these years.  That's the kind of impression this appetizer will make!  For your dining pleasure, here is this wonderful recipe.  

Melinda's Belgium Endive Vegetarian Appetizer

Chopped tomatoes, drain liquid before mixing

Chopped red onions

Chopped avocado

Crumbled Bleu cheese*

Belgium Endive leaves, trimmed and separated

Add equal portions of the above.  Mix in 1 tablespoon of olive oil. 
Mix together and place on top of individual Belgium Endive leaves.  Arrange and garnish however you like on a plate.

*Trader Joe’s has the best priced and most delicious Bleu Cheese

Please link back to this page if you share.  Thank you!  Debbie