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4th of July Hostess Gift, Party Favor or Love Gift

Fourth of July Fun

This adorable creation was designed by my sister, Jane Perry, originally for her son Ben's Rehearsal Dinner as favors for each guest to take home.  Her son was married last July 2nd. It is truly a delightfully fun gift.  Come take a look!

It includes:
  • Two vintage 4th of July pictures that were mounted to red scrapbook paper
         Boy card says, "Will you go off with  me on the 4th?"
         Girl card says, "Yes, I will go off with you on the 4th?"
  • Patriotic paper nut cup 
  • Red Mylar fringe
  • Silver pipe cleaner
  • Uncle Sam hat (Hobby Lobby)
  • American flag
  • 3 Star embellishment (Hobby Lobby)
  • Red Crimp
  • White floral tape 
  • Red and white bakers twine
  • A mini mason jar
  • Patriotic Hershey's kisses (Walmart)
  • Small cellophane bag
  • E-6000 glue
  • Clothes pin for stabilizing


It isn't as difficult as it looks.  I just want to spell it out precisely.
  • Glue the two  vintage pictures to a piece of red scrapbook paper.  
  • Leave an extra inch or two at the bottom to position your pictures high enough to see.
  • Cut out around the  picture as shown. Set aside.
  • With E-6000 glue, or a glue gun, attach the red mylar trim all around the top of the cup.
  • Hold the attached ends together with a clothes pin. 
  • With the white floral tape, wrap the 3-star embellishment up and down to the flag with the bow facing outward. Press the tape to the flag so it sticks.
  • With a wooden skewer poke a small hole in the bottom of the inside of the cup, close to the edge where the seam is.
  • Apply glue to bottom and side of the flag toward the bottom to hold the flag steady.  Insert flag and attach it to the cup.  Hold steady with a clothes pin.
  • Attach both pictures so that they can be seen.  The words are important to see.
  • Place about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of red crimp at the bottom of the cup.
  • Insert mason jar lid, then mason jar.
  • Insert Patriotic Hershey's kisses into a small cellophane bag and insert into the mason jar. 
  • Twist the silver pipe cleaner around the bag top at the 1/4 mark of the pipe cleaner. Leave about 3/4 of the link free to form a heart.  (Isn't  that sweet?!!) 
  • Form a heart with the remaining 3/4 of pipe cleaner length.
  • Wrap the Uncle Sam hat with a measure of bakers twine at the striped base of the outside of the hat leaving enough room to tie a bow. (Approximately 12")
  • To make your life easier, tie knots in the twine BEFORE you cut.
  • Attach the Uncle Sam hat with the bakers twine and tie a bow.

I'd be interested in hearing about any unique 4th of July creations you have created.

Until next time...