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Be Amazed and Inspired With These Books

Instinctively, the way I discovered Carolyne Roehm was being attracted to the cover of her book, At Home. Within the pages of every book she pens is nothing less than the purist beauty. Once a designer for Oscar De La Renta, she transferred her love of style to the display of constructing a delightful life. Carolyne Roehm shares it with her blessed readers. Should you invest in any of her books, I promise you will not be disappointed. She is masterful in presentations. I hope you fall in love with her books as I have. They are wonderfully delightful to the eye and the soul. I would begin with
At Home and A Passion For Parties. Warning: May Be Addicting!

Easter Dining In Pastels

Easter has always been a fun day at our home. With three nephews, and a niece to add to my own family, we always hosted an Easter egg hunt for them. We first hear the Resurrection story at church, then come home to the food and festivities. Now I have two great-nieces and they love the thrill of the hunt as well. We haven't stopped having the hunt even though they are grown up now. It's tradition, and families like traditions.

This year we are celebrating the week after Easter for various reasons. My table is set and ready to delight my dear extended family. I will add two crosses to this table and place a cross on each place setting atop the napkin to remember what we are really celebrating; Christ's resurrection! I never get tired of that story.

My table is topped with a floral table cloth, with a ecru lace table cloth on top of that, and then topped with a fabric square of glittery pastel Easter eggs. I brought out my Depression Era Pink Miss America salad plates and Bubble Blue bread plates. I thought it would look spectacular to feature a pink, blue and yellow drinking glasses for water, tea and wine. I added antique milk glass candle holders and filled my bowl with colored pastel eggs. Below the eggs are eight frolicking bunnies with pastel bows tied around their necks. I think it will be a fun table and everyone's eyes as well as their tummies will be filled with delight.

I would love to hear if you have a special, unique or extraordinary way you celebrate Easter.
Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours!

Simply Beautiful Easter Eggs

This egg was dyed pink and then a white liquid pen was used to swirl the design upon it. These look beautiful in a basket or bowl of the same colored eggs, or with a variety of pastel backgrounds. Hope you have fun making these.

St Patrick's Day Table Decor

"Here Comes Spring " table by Linda

Shamrocks & the Cross table by Connie
"Everything is Coming Up Shamrocks"

"The Cross at the End of The Rainbow" table by Betty

"Welcome to Ireland" table by Mary Ann

Here are a few table decorations from our large group bible study fellowship evening for March.

St Patrick's Day Celebration

Patty's always popular Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Last night was an evening filled with joy, beauty, delicious food, and a great deal of fun! Our Bible Study Leadership celebrated St. Patrick's Day with the traditional Irish meal of fruited salad, Corned Beef, slowly cooked in a crock pot for ten hours, potatoes boiled in water with onions and garlic, boiled carrots and cabbage, and home-made Irish Soda bread. It was amazing. It was followed by a traditional Irish Bread Pudding with a Whiskey Sauce that was sooooooo delicious!

The tables were adorned with grocery store flowers embellished with a greeting card cut in half with one side showing the front of the card and the other side featuring the inside sentiment on the other side of the card mounted on a florist pick. Once the flowers were trimmed to the size of the vase they looked so much fuller and more expensive than the grocery store flowers that they were.

Riddles of the ladies first or last names were printed for the name tags. We all had fun trying to figure the riddles out. It was a great way to set the mood of the evening-Happy Go Lucky! Each woman was asked to describe what she would purchase for herself if she won a large pot of gold. The answers were fun to listen to and things I will long remember about my dear friends. It was a very delightful evening!

I said I would want to travel to every country in the world and see what that country was positively known for and see its most beautiful geography. How amazing that would be! What would you do if you won a large pot of gold? ;-)

Custom Gift Wrap for a 50th Birthday

When my friend Lillian turned 50, we had a wonderful Spa Outing in her honor. That's the least a friend can do, right? ;-) I wanted to really let her know I put an effort into her gifts, so I customized the print on self-adhesive full sheet label paper. She seemed very impressed. Perhaps your friend will feel that way too. Inserting pictures of the birthday person on your labels, or pictures of the two of you together, would also be a delightful touch.