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St Patrick's Day Table Decor

"Here Comes Spring " table by Linda

Shamrocks & the Cross table by Connie
"Everything is Coming Up Shamrocks"

"The Cross at the End of The Rainbow" table by Betty

"Welcome to Ireland" table by Mary Ann

Here are a few table decorations from our large group bible study fellowship evening for March.


  1. Hi there! I love your tablescape! Actually, I am not good in table decorating as I always call my mom when doing this stuff. But upon seeing your wonderful table decor, you inspired a lot. I'll try to decorae our Easter table on my own and I'll be visiting your blog for some great ideas as often as I can. Thanks for spreading!

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments. You are probably better at it than you think you are! Stick with me Victoria! I'll show you some amazing tablescapes as time goes by. You can check my pins on Pinterest too for even more ideas by me and others.

  2. The cross centerpiece is astonishing. And the other ceramics items are a catch to bring out the beauty of green.