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Guest Room Welcome Gifts

I had so much fun anticipating a visit from my two granddaughters and my older granddaughter's best friend.  Always trying to make them feel welcome and special, I constructed these gift baskets for about $10 each

A trip to the Dollar Store rewarded me with some fun and unique items I thought they would enjoy.  Each girl received a basket with a brightly colored bandana to make the basket appealing.  Within the bandana-laced basket I inserted coordinating water bottles, with a screw in container at the bottom for ice, M & M's, or whatever they wanted.  I found matching hair brushes, eye masks they could refrigerate and wear to sooth their tired eyes, (after attending a Taylor Swift concert, a much welcomed addition!).  I supplied them with a scrunchy, a toothbrush, and a coordinating bottle of body wash from Bath & Body Works.  And lastly, a custom water bottle label with their name applied in the matching color of their basket.  They were so bright and cheerful.

I knew I had achieved success when Morgan said, "Staying at Grandma's is better than staying at a hotel".  ;-)

I share this with you because I want you to know it doesn't cost a fortune to make someone feel loved and welcome.  

French Inspiration

It is my desire to share with you books that bring me hours (yes hours) of pleasure.  Along with Charles Faudree, my favorite author and illustrator of French Interiors is Betty Lou Phillips.  Her pictures are absolutely incredible.  Because we have traveled all over France, we, like her have fallen in love with everything French, especially interior design and outdoor spaces.

I can pick up any of her books for a visual treat and be transformed to the French countryside without the expense of a costly plane ticket.  Although, I must admit, it does make me want to purchase a ticket to France and be on the next plane to Paris.

Within the pages of her books, I am reminded of the details that make a room or outdoor area uniquely French.  I am in the process of incorporating old and new to update my guest bedroom to include crocheted laces, a monogrammed pillow, fluffy bedding that mingles well with my treasured Angel prints, tapestry, and French furniture.  I will reveal pictures when it is more complete.  I say more complete, because I don't know if a room is ever complete when you dwell in a home for long time.  it's fun to update and edit.    

Below are books by Betty Lou Phillips I have many of them, and the one's I don't have, I have made a goal to purchase. My personal favorite, at this point in time, is Unmistak