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What a Flop!

My friends, and some of my family, say I am a good cook.  I know I excel at Mexican food, but cakes, that is entirely a different matter!!  As you can see here, the cake I attempted to make for my mother's 90th birthday was a MAJOR FLOP!  :-(

I admit, I used a packaged lemon cake mix, and packaged lemon pudding for the filling, and canned frosting for the icing.  I think I should have known I was in trouble when the cake was already starting to crack open when I took it out of the pans and put it on the cooling racks.  

I figured a little lemon pudding paste would repair the issue and solidify the cake.  WRONG!  It really wasn't coming together well, so I piled on more lemon pudding about 1 inch thick, maybe thicker. LOL!  Things quickly went from bad to worst, but I reasoned I could save it by icing the cake and that would hold everything together.  WRONG AGAIN!  The cake began sliding off the cake plate in multiple places!  I had a disaster on and in my hands.  

I then attempted to retrieve, at least, one whole piece for my mother.  Didn't happen. ;- /  I finally couldn't face my failure any longer and threw the whole non-masterpiece in the trash.  I have vowed to NEVER try to make a lemon cake again!  NEVER EVER, EVER as Taylor Swift would say.

I ended up buying her an expensive chocolate cake.  The important thing was, she felt special and celebrated!

My sister, Jane, Lauren, Ben & Matthew

My nephew, James, & niece, Reanne
My hair and make-up didn't turn out to well either!  ;- /

 Happy 90th Birthday Mom!

Delightfully Easy Cookies

Recently I attended our Leadership Retreat with 30 women in attendance.  We all bring some sort of snack to share.  Can you imagine that?!!  Janice and I collaborated on these wonderfully easy and delicious chocolate and toasted coconut dipped graham cracker quarters. 

By dipping in melted dark chocolate pieces these are richly decadent!  The coconut just kicks it up several notches on the taste scale.  They were enjoyed by all with many people complimenting how fabulous they tasted.  I found the recipe on Martha Stewart's website

I believe that these would be amazing with a variety of toppings for any holiday or a cookie exchange party.  You could sprinkle them with colored sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, butter brickle pieces, mini M & M's, or Reese's Pieces.  The sky is the limit! 

You can make your holiday and everyday celebrations delightful with these very special treats!