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What a Flop!

My friends, and some of my family, say I am a good cook.  I know I excel at Mexican food, but cakes, that is entirely a different matter!!  As you can see here, the cake I attempted to make for my mother's 90th birthday was a MAJOR FLOP!  :-(

I admit, I used a packaged lemon cake mix, and packaged lemon pudding for the filling, and canned frosting for the icing.  I think I should have known I was in trouble when the cake was already starting to crack open when I took it out of the pans and put it on the cooling racks.  

I figured a little lemon pudding paste would repair the issue and solidify the cake.  WRONG!  It really wasn't coming together well, so I piled on more lemon pudding about 1 inch thick, maybe thicker. LOL!  Things quickly went from bad to worst, but I reasoned I could save it by icing the cake and that would hold everything together.  WRONG AGAIN!  The cake began sliding off the cake plate in multiple places!  I had a disaster on and in my hands.  

I then attempted to retrieve, at least, one whole piece for my mother.  Didn't happen. ;- /  I finally couldn't face my failure any longer and threw the whole non-masterpiece in the trash.  I have vowed to NEVER try to make a lemon cake again!  NEVER EVER, EVER as Taylor Swift would say.

I ended up buying her an expensive chocolate cake.  The important thing was, she felt special and celebrated!

My sister, Jane, Lauren, Ben & Matthew

My nephew, James, & niece, Reanne
My hair and make-up didn't turn out to well either!  ;- /

 Happy 90th Birthday Mom!

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