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Wreaths With Friends

Wreath making with friends is a really  fun thing to  do.  Everyone loves the finished work.  This beautiful wreath was constructed by Jonell.

A full view of the wreath hung upon an ornate French mirror.

Everyone made a fine wreath that anyone would love to adorn their home  with. 

Me and my wreath

 A close-up of my wreath

If you wish to develop close relationships with other women, I highly recommend creating a group of women you enjoy and take the lead in scheduling monthly crafting events with or without food.  We always have either brunch or lunch. Lunch is such a great way to wind down after a few hours of crafting and completely enjoy each other's company.  Eight of us have been meeting for about four years now, once a month and we all make it a priority in our lives because we enjoy what we do and who we do it with immensely. 

You might ask, "How do you know what crafts to do?"  I have found success in choosing something I want to learn.  Finding out how to do it, then teaching my friends.  They teach me a great deal along the way too.   I try to select things that people would actually want, either for themselves or for giving to others.  Pinterest is a great source of ideas.  I have several boards designed for crafting.  Feel free to look me up and check them out.

In the coming days I will share with you a list   of over 40 crafts we have made together.  Who knows, maybe someday I'll compile them in a book in order to help others experience the fun and bounding we have enjoyed over the years. 

Until next time,  Debbie

Host A Luncheon Amid Pink Roses

Greetings friends!  I hosted a monthly craft event for seven close friends and me.  Every month I plan something for us to make and a delightful brunch or lunch. We always have a great time and, so far, the ladies all seem to love the crafts we create together. At one such event we all designed spring wreaths for our homes.  Wow!  What fun and creativity swirled in the air.  I will show you pictures of what we created toward the end.

Knowing me, you know I LOVE to set beautiful tables and have scrumptious food for them to indulge in.  We dined on a unique Apple Ginger Salad.

We also partook of HoneyBaked Ham and Turkey Croissant sandwiches and had old-fashioned Lay's BBQ potato chips.  If that wasn't enough nostalgia, we finished our luncheon with warm butterscotch pudding and a heart-shaped, un-frosted sugar cookie. It really surprised me how much everyone loved my simple but love-filled luncheon, especially the pudding! If it were polite and we were less than the ladies we are, I think we all would have licked the pudding dishes!

Pictured above is the vintage Metlox Vernon Rose dishes that I have collected over the past few years set for my lovely friends. The sherbet glasses are Morgantown Pink Crinkle glass. The water glasses are a Pink Diamond optic pattern that I have yet to identify.  Perhaps you will notice in a future picture that the flatware is Oneida Golden Damask Rose.  I inherited this set from my sweet mother-in-law.

Fresh flowers always elevate your tablescape greatly.  Wrapped within a cellophane bag, adorned with a pink satin bow, are rose buds soaps upon vintage Candlewick rectangular glass pieces.  Each lady took one home as a sweet remembrance of the day.

These colors and dishes make my heart go pitter-patter. I LOVE pink! I constructed the roses with a mixed white arrangement and pink roses.

Love the roses, Alstameria, Queen Anne's Lace and other white flowers.