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Merry Christmas!

Things haven't quite been the same around here since my 90-year-old mother had a stroke on August 23rd.  I have spend many days and much time, as has my sister, Jane, dedicated to her care and recovery and making her days delightful as possible.

I haven't done much celebrating around my house, other than to have my family over for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  I'm very blessed that I have so many dear friends that celebrated my December birthday with me in a variety of fun ways.  In January, I must seriously look into joining Weight Watchers!! :- /

I'm hoping since my mom is doing better, and things have quieted down a bit I can get back to some blogging.  I have really enjoyed viewing others blogs and the creative ideas they display.  Such creative people there are in this world.  Thank God!

 I am attaching my Christmas Newsletter for my blogsters and pray that you all have very delightful Christmas' and New Years. I hope to bring you many delightful pages in 2013.  God Bless you