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Details Make It Delightful

Here you see pictures highlighting some of the details designed for our Valentines 2014 Tea.  In my opinion, it is the many carefully planned details that make an event above average.  These are all easy to do, they just take a measure of time.  I always enjoy taking the time because it gives me time to joyfully anticipate the upcoming joy that flurries about in the room.

In the picture above, you will notice tea bags place in crystal dishes.  We find it easier to boil large urns of water and let each guest select the tea of her choice.  Colored sugar crystals are added to plain sugar to make it noticed and more than ordinary.  Sweet & Low was included in a separated sugar bowl for those who don't partake in sugar. The mock clotted cream and cherry jam was placed in a duet Candlewick glass dish.  Diminutive spoons and forks were used to partake of the sugar and lemon slices.  The last detail on the table above was the tea warmers.  They have a camouflaged place for a a candle to keep the water warm at all times. 

Above you will see the crystallized sugar sticks embellished with a bow and a small artificial rose--an attempt at extraordinary.  Notice too, the napkins were folded to resemble roses and placed in the tea cups (which saves lots of table room), and a real rose leaf was added to leave no doubt that the napkin is to resemble a rose.

These sugar sticks were embellished for the pink tea table above.

In addition to the lace doilies placed under the tea dishes, you will find, brass name tag holders personalizing each guests name, and a purple ribbon adorned with flowers and a string of pearls to  "kick things up a notch".  Of course, the finest tea tables always look better with someone's medication bottle! :-)

The pink rose tea table was adorned with pink artificial roses,  tulle bows, satin ribbon and a string of pearls.  These dishes actually have a crocheted doily beneath them.  I always love to use them.

Because our theme for the study of Romans this year was taken from Romans 12:5: "In Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others", we chose a theme of puzzle pieces to illustrate that scripture.  So, of course, we had to have puzzle piece ice cubes in the water. :-)

In addition to the puzzle piece ice cubes, heart shaped ice cubes joined in the fun to add the element of LOVE!

Careful detail is taken to make sure a wide variety of floral and bow embellished  tea sandwiches are offered along with a scrumptious deviled egg.

One more detail: We had a hat contest this year!  Prizes were given for  the most comical hat, the hat that best portrayed our Bible study theme for the year, and one for the best story told on a hat.  I have to admit my friends didn't seem too game for this at first (pardon the pun).  However, in the end, most participated and we had great fun modeling and telling our stories.

 Me and my besties who always assist me in the most positive ways to make the tea delightful.

 More hat contest contenders!

 Flowers are the best detail of all!

And last, but not least, do you notice the extra step taken to cut the scones into the shapes of hearts?  Janice does this for us each year.  We all look forward to her yummy scones! The pear salad was improvised from a Pinterest version.  Because my pears just weren't ripe, I baked them with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and orange juice and sliced them vertically.  We then filled the layers with a artisan variety of lettuce, pomegranate seeds, candied pecans, feta cheese and drizzled them with raspberry walnut dressing.  They were a real hit! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and would love to know of special details you use when you entertain.  Have a delightful day! 

Inexpensive Party Favors That Wow!

Beverage To-Go Cup with added bling, chocolate spoon and Little Debbie Cakes

Greetings to my loyal blog readers!  I haven't blogged much for the past six months. But I intend to make up for that now.  I never want to post something just to post something.  I want to share things with you that have helped me and may help you as well.  My desire is for you to anticipate that you are going to see something DELIGHTFUL when you open your subscribed email from me.  I endeavor to not waste your time.  To that end, here are the party favors that I made for our annual Valentines Tea for 30 held in my home each year for the leadership of the CBS Bible Study I attend.  It really is fun to do every year.  I'm sure it is because I have the capable assistance of five dear friends!

It is not quite finished yet, but close!

These darling and delicious little heart cakes come in five packages of two for $1.99!! 
I found mine at CVS.

Once the bows were tied, I added the finishing touch of a glittered  and mock-jeweled stick-on heart.

The chocolate spoons were made by melting a large bag of chocolate chips and dipping the spoons in them and positioning them on parchment lined cookie sheets.  I then refrigerated them until they hardened.  I then wrapped them in small plastic treat bags seen below.

I tied the chocolate spoons shut with a glistening silver bow that coordinated with the bling wrapped and glued on top and bottom of the red rubber holding material.  All the items were inserted into the large cellophane bag and tied with decorative ribbon. 

The beverage to-go cups were found at the Dollar Tree and come in a large variety of colors. I have seen them at Michael's and elsewhere for $6.99+.  You could embellish these cups for any party or holiday gathering.  Simply change the bows and treat and you will receive the same Oohs, Ahhs, and Wows that I received! 

Lined up to give to our guests as they leave.  I believe it was a delightful day!