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Last Minute, Fun Valentines Gifties for your "Gal"entines

Greetings to my faithful blog followers!  I hope you are well and living a delightful life.
Today, I am going to share some really FUN Valentines gifties I shared with a few of my friends and my sweet sister.  I got this giggly feeling inside when I thought of these and I think my friends got a good giggle too.  This gift proves you don't have to spend a lot of money to give someone a measure of delight.  These were $4 each.  (Sorry friends if you thought I spent more.)  They are very useful too, you'll see.

When I desire to give multiple gifts, I try to find a cost pleasing way to delight my gifties and create things that bring us the delight of giving too.

I trotted my behind down to The Dollar Tree and purchased adorable Valentines socks, a little sparkly manicure set, a bottle of nail polish, and a hair brush.  Stick with me, it will make sense in a minute!

I placed these things strategically in a clear cellophane bag and tied it with a red ribbon.  You could use any ribbon you like.  What made this gift so delightful (in my opinion :-) ) was the little card I attached to the bag.  It read:

I Love You...
From the Top of Your Head
To the Tips of Your Toes!


I received very positive responses. :-) You, too, can achieve success in delighting others at a reasonable cost.  Another added bonus was that it didn't have any calories and can only be used for good!  :-)

Additionally, here's a fun and inexpensive giftie you can quickly assemble and give by clicking here: Valentines To-Go Gifts


I will be sharing my Valentines Dinner Party tablescape for anyone who loves to create and view such things in my next post.  If you like Vintage glass, you will love this table.

Until next time~

PS, I always love to read your comments.  They make my heart smile!