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A Heavenly Wedding in Days

My friend, Lauren, became engaged n Christmas Eve.  Isn't that special?!    I received a call on January 3rd that they were going to be married on January12th! A new kind of SPECIAL!  I was asked if I could decorate her registered historical home in Old Town  Orange.  I began envisioning  what I would do to make it beautiful.   As I thought through the inventory I had and the home she had the word that came to my mind for decorating her home was "magical".  Now  that I've had time to ponder it, a better word comes to mind, "heavenly".

Among other colors the color scheme of white penetrated my mind. That would definitely be heavenly. I own quite a collection of Fenton Silver Crested Milk glass and began envisioning using my three tall vases filled with beautiful white flowers, and pondered what I could do with various other pieces that I have. To make a long story short, the tables were set with beautiful china, flatware and crystal glassware. I decorated the surrounding areas with florals, candles and milk glass.

Because I have frequently attended a floral arranging class, and most recently over Christmas vacation,  I knew how I wanted to arrange the flowers. I just didn't know  if  I  would have to  buy them at Costco, which are very pretty, or  if I would be able to obtain them from my floral design teacher, Pam.  Thankfully, Pam, from Petal Pushers, 714-348-7237, came through for me.  I told her what I was thinking of and she made it so much better than my thoughts!  She secured the most beautiful flowers ever.  Pam was very proud of  her protege. :-)

I am going to start the viewing with the flowers, then go to the home pictures and make the grand finale the wedding pictures that I have.  I'm sure she has so  many more.

 They looked and smelled so wonderful.

It was relaxing to design the arrangements at my house then take them to Lauren's.

The centerpiece for the main table was about three feet long. There were champagne roses, calla lilies, Japanese lilies, chrysanthemums, sweet smelling stock, and anemones.

The table for the youth was set with gold elements.

This is a close up picture of the table.

The table took on different hews in different light.

Although the roses were the same color on each table, they took on a pinker tone here.  They color was called "champagne".  The glassware is darker here.  I was so pleased with how the tables looked!

So beautiful!

 The entryway.

 On the mantel.

 On the piano.

 The main table.

Lauren & Dean sat here.

 The cake sat atop a sparkling rhinestone cake stand.

So inviting.

This is my favorite picture of the reception ready for the guests.
It's just like I had envisioned it.

The beautiful bride, Lauren outside their historical home.

 The  ceremony took place at the beautiful St. John's Lutheran Church
 in Old Town Orange.

 It's official!

Lauren celebraating with her matron of honer, Shannon.

Lauren with Dillon & Lexi, her beautiful children

And they all lived happily-ever-after.

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