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Christmas Remembrances

Christmas is joyful at my home.  We host my husband's side of the family one day and my side of the family always on Christmas Eve.  Because so many people commented on my Christmas tree, I wanted to share why my tree is a tree of remembrances.

I choose an elegant look for my tree and decorations because He is Worthy.  While I love Snow People and use them in my dining decor, I want the rest of my house to reflect my love of Jesus.

First, I want to remember Jesus Christ and all of His many names throughout the Bible, so I printed those names and inserted them within small, oval, red sequined bordered picture frames, and hang them all around my tree.

I place poinsettia flowers all around my tree because of The Legend of the Poinsettia and the sweet story it tells of the love two small children had for the baby Jesus.  Butterflies throughout the tree symbolize the new life we are given when we accept Christ as our Savior.  

Additionally, i have placed pictures of remembrance of those in my family who are no longer with us physically, but remain in our hearts forever--my Dad, and my sister.

 Jesus, Joseph, Mary and the Three Wise Men are placed beneath the tree to remind anyone who enters my home of the true meaning of Christmas.  

Also placed on the tree are lights symbolizing that He is the Light of the World,  crowns representing His Majesty, snowflakes and doves that represent the Peace we have when we have Christ in our hearts.  

I hope your Christmas celebrations were special and full of remembrances of what really is important.  May God bless you all throughout 2013.

Love, Debbie