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Perfect Menu for a Denim & Diamonds Dinner Party

If you have been following my blog for the last week or so, you have viewed ways to make party favors, how to make a remarkable Denim and Diamonds wreath, ways to have fun, how to construct an unforgettable bacon bouquet appetizerhow to set a beautiful Denim and Diamonds tablescape and how to make a remarkable Denim and Diamonds Party Invitation.  Today, I will present  the menu my guests enjoyed.  Everyone expressed complete delight and I was happy to bring those feelings and great food to them.

This was an easier dinner party than most to prepare as I was able to make many of the items  ahead of time.  Here's the menu:

This soup was perfect for a summer event!  Not only did it taste delicious, it was such a cool refreshing soup that looked phenomenal.  Placed into the Fenton Silver Crested Milk Glass bowls and adorned with a peach slice and mint leaf, it was amazing!


Twice Baked Potatoes, before baking.

Everyone LOVED these! 

Have you ever had The Smokehouse Garlic Cheese Bread? If not, you are in for a real treat! The Smokehouse Restaurant has been in Burbank, CA, across from Warner Bros. Studios for decades.  It has been visited by numerous movie stars and people from all over who love to dine. They are famous for this bread.  You could go there and just eat this and sip on  a beverage.  I have never met anyone who didn't love this bread.  It is addicting!  Many people have the recipe.  This is how I make it.

You may click on any of the recipes to print them. 

We concluded the evening with The Best Vanilla Cupcakes topped with The Best Vanilla Frosting. I found the recipes on Pinterest.  Just enter those names in the search box on Pinterest and you will find the delicious recipes. I topped these cupcakes with small and medium silver non-perils and little specially ordered diamond sugar shapes. If you look really close, you can see them! wanted to place a sparkler on each cupcake for the grand finale, however,  they don't make sparklers like they used to!  So I placed them on a platter, and lit one huge sparkler in the middle and served them.  That way, I was able to end my "sparkle" themed event in a grand way.

All in all, it was a completely enchanting event and everyone had a wonderful time. I suspect these class attendees will be having parties of their own in the future and adapting some of what they learned at this event to their own fun themes. The more parties the better,  don't you think?  

Until next time, "Whatever you do, make it delightful!"

How to Create A Beautiful Denim & DiamondsTablescape

A feast for one's eyes this tablescape is.  This is what I love to do the very most, set beautiful tablescapes.  People get excited about all sorts of things, but this is it for me.  

Because I have been collecting vintage and various tableware for over 30 years, I have a collection that is just waiting to be used at all times.  I don't say that to be braggadocios.  It is just a passion of mine.  You may ask, "Your passion is tableware?"  I say, it is so much more than that!  It is wonderfully memorable times around a table with friends or family. It always includes traditional or inventive food selections.  The unmatched atmosphere includes lots of laughter, story telling, and always, party favors. It is simply delightful. My walls echo with good times shared with great people.

I invite you to come see and learn more by taking this little tour with me.

Blue is such a soothing color.  A few weeks before this event, I placed daisies in the various vases so I could gaze upon the table and anticipate what I would need to make this event special for my guests.  They looked great, very cheerful as daisies do.  But when the time to actually dine approached, I kicked it up a notch and purchased white, blue and green hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, and Lisianthus, and a variety of greenery.

My big challenge was keeping the blue ones alive.  I must not have prepared them well. :-(  I had to buy a second set of the blue because they conked out on me.  The lesson I learned:  Don't buy flowers from a market on Friday morning.  Wait until the late afternoon after their new shipment arrives!

Upon the table, I placed a denim tablecloth.  You can find them for a reasonable price online. My sister, Jane, and I both have sets of the Spode Delamere Blue floral dishes.  Believe it or not, I couldn't find mine!  Have you ever done that?  I also had a set of the blue, Ralph Lauren looking dishes, that I used once and gave to her.  I had to borrow all of these from her.  She's a good sister.  She loaned them to me without any fuss. Come to think of it, this combination of dishes was her grand idea!  

One thing I did have was the Fenton Silver Crested Milk Glass sherbets and saucers.  I LOVE this pattern and have many items of it.  I'm hoping some day my son will find "Miss Right" and I will be able to use them in some sort of glorious wedding/shower celebration. Let me tell you, this young lady is going to be CELEBRATED! ;-)

Tah-dah!  The dish patterns were set.  I sprinkled little faux diamonds all around the table which enhanced my theme and brought a measure of whimsy to the mostly formal table. I was aiming for formal with casual because of the nature of the event.  

Large yam cans and small tuna cans were dressed in denim and diamonds.  Diamond patterned candle holders embraced denim colored candles.  Rhinestone studded candle holders were the foundation to hold the cobalt blue sherbet glasses to present the ice cream that would later be served.  They were actually removed for the dinner so the Delamere dishes could host a scrumptious watermelon salad.  Guess what!  I bought the blue flutes (seen in the post: How to Make an Unforgettable  Bacon Bouquet) and water glasses at the Dollar Tree and dressed them up with sequins and rhinestones. They paired well with the Lenox Charleston Crystal wine glasses. Note: The self-adhesive sequins will come right off if you get them anywhere near water. The rhinestone buttons must be attached with a hot glue gun. This can all be removed after your event.

Each guests name was printed in a Diamond font in blue and inserted in a sequined frame. 

Added to everything was silver-toned flatware and napkin rings that chimed in.  And to polish off the look, blue bandanas took on the roll of napkins.  They come in so many colors and can be used with so many designs.  I love using them.

A white lace table square was placed atop the denim table cloth to break up all the blue and host an vintage blue-dotted coffee percolator full of flowers. One of the horse shoe party favors we made leaned up against the coffee pot to show off.  

Here's a view of the coffee pot, horse shoe and cactus when I had the daisies in the container.  I removed the diamond design cake stand when I used the hydrangea arrangement so guests could see each other.  It is important for your guests to be able to see each other.  ;-)

I loved, loved, loved the way this tablescape turned out.  I couldn't wait to delight my friends who attended my class on "How to Host a Delightful Denim and Diamonds Dinner". I'm working on constructing the book by that title.  Hopefully, it will be completed by the end of summer.  Check back.  In the meantime, you can view my other books on the right side bar.

If you want to see what we had for dinner, and what you, too, could serve your guests come visit me next time.  I will be showcasing the menu items.   I love having you stop by.  If you would  kindly leave a comment in the comment section below, it would be like you leaving me a little gift. :-D That way, I don't feel like I'm just talking to myself! :-) Many of you dear hearts read my blog and have commented to me verbally and via email or Facebook.  I so appreciate that!!  Thank you!

What is your most favorite tablescape you have laid?  I'd love to hear about it. 

Until next time, have a delightful day!


A Fun Denim & Diamonds Party Activity

If you wish to get everyone smiling and making memories that you can capture for your guests, why not try this? We had a lot of fun having our picture taken inside a frame we held and cocked at an angle.

A foam board was cut to be a frame and sparkling silver glitter letters were attached to the bottom of the frame that read "I SPARKLE!"  Each ladies picture was snapped and sent to them as a Party Keepsake.

A very short message was spoken to them at the end of the party about no matter how we look on the outside, it's the sparkle within that counts.  When the Lord gives us the sparkle of the Holy Spirit within, we need to let it shine so others see Jesus in us.  
Everyone actually enjoyed the thought of having a picture like this to keep.  It will remind them of the fun time they had and that they "SPARKLE!"  The mix of ages at this event was spectacular.  We all shared a great time.  The young and older were all very creative in their own ways.

One last favor they were given at the conclusion of the party was a geode that had been cracked in half, placed in an diminutive denim pouch.  The outside was nothing much to behold, but the insides of every geode within were different and beautiful, just like them.  I'm pretty sure they are all going to remember to let their sparkle shine. 

I am really interesting in hearing what you do for party activities that really get your crowd engaged.  Let me know in the comment section below.

I saved the best for last, no, not the picture of me! In my next post, I am going to show you one of the most beautiful tablescapes you will ever lay your eyes on!  Isn't that a confident statement?  I'm not kidding.  You need to come visit again.

Until next time~ Debbie

How to Make an Unforgettable Bacon Bouquet

This is one of the most remarkable appetizers I have ever made, Bacon Bouquets!  I did get the idea from several different posts on Pinterest.  I made it my own by the ingredients I used. Whenever I serve it people go wild with excitement.  I'm not kidding!

For this bouquet, use boxed, pre-cooked bacon strips.  Each rose required two strips of bacon. Two boxes were required, which made 12. After covering them with maple syrup and brown sugar, (sprinkle lightly with cinnamon too if you wish), roll them up into rose shapes and place them in small muffin tins with holes drilled for drainage. If they are loose, simply secure them with a toothpick to hold them in place.  Place upon a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

When they are finished baking and look the way you want them to, and are cool enough to touch but still warm, remove them and carefully place them within an artificial flower stem in which you have removed the artificial flower.  Place in a vase or upon a silver tray with a white doily.

After searching high and low, the best arrangement I found was a red rose arrangement from Hobby Lobby for $6.99. (With a 40% discount coupon you may buy them for $4.20).  It takes some time and effort to remove the rose petals from the stems, but you can re-use these once you have washed them in the sink. 

 Muffin tin with drilled holes.

Shown above are stems that have been clipped and artificial flower removed.  I found the bacon too heavy to be used upon the arrangement without clipping them. (They fall over.  And that is not what you want to have happen when you are  presenting such a fun and unique appetizer!) This way you are able to lay them down on a tray, or stand them up in a vase as I did in the picture above.

You will end up removing a few innards to bring it to this point with a stem poking through.  I actually glue gunned the stem  at it's bottom to be sure it stayed secure.

I GUARANTY your event will start out on a high note with this menu item alone.  The only thing that made this better was the strawberry sparkling punch served in tandem.  It was a fabulous combination.

Helpful Hint: You need to have these ready and waiting when your guest arrive, otherwise the impact of the appetizer isn't quite as impressive.  Additionally, have the strawberry sparkling punch poured and ready to present with your appetizers upon your guests arrival. You don't want to be arranging these when you should be serving them.  It's okay for them to  be room temperature.  

My next blog post will be a really fun themed activity we did at the Denim and Diamonds Party that brought lots of smiles and good feelings.  Check back with me friends.  

I'd be interested in hearing what favorite appetizers you serve at your events.  Please share with me by commenting in the "Comments" section below.  

Until next time, 

How to Make a Remarkable Denim & Diamond Wreath

Constructing a Denim and Diamond Wreath is incredibly simple, low cost, and impressive. People will surely remark about it/them.  I love to delight my friend's eyes with beauty and creativity, and make them feel like I'm excited they have come. I believe I accomplished that with these wreaths.

First, I am going to show you how I started and then how I continued to adjust until I got the look I was seeking.  Stay with me.   

Start with a pool noodle from the Dollar Tree store, tape it together with duct tape.  It is just the right size.  Next, secure one end of the ribbon to the pool noodle with a strip of hot glue. Wrap the entire pool noodle tightly with denim ribbon. (About 2.5 yards) Fold the end about one inch and lock it in place with a strip of hot glue.  Of course, you will want the glued part to show up on the back of your wreath. Then, attach a sequined  bow with hot glue. (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby in the Wedding Department)  The full price was $7.99. With a 40% coupon you can get them for $4.80. HL has an app for your phone so you can get 40% off one item any time you visit. (By the way, so do Michael's and Jo-Ann's) Take a 1.5 yard strip of bandana ribbon, trim the ends into a chevron pattern, and hang it around and tuck it in tightly to the top of sequined bow.  Glue down.  Affix three denim adhesive backed roses.  (You can purchase at Michael's).  

At this point,  it was just okay to me. I felt it needed some height above the sequined bow.  So, I made a tri-plumed bow, secured with wire, and glued it on top of the sequined bow. I also trimmed the edges of this ribbon in a chevron pattern.  It still needed something... 

Perfecto!  I added a rhinestone button in the center of the three denim roses and sequined letters at the bottom with the word "Welcome".  Because I have two front doors, I made a second one.

Added to the other wreath was the word "Friends".  And they worked harmoniously  on the two front doors.  So you could do one, or two!


The pool noodle was $1.00 X 2
The sequined bow was $4.80 X2
 The spool of denim ribbon was about $6.00 
The denim ribbon was about $5.00 
The denim roses were about $5.00 for a pack of nine 
The rhinestone buttons were about $2.50 each X2
The sequinned letters were about $4.00 

All in, with plenty of ribbon left over the two cost about $31.60 or $15.80 each. Most everyone remarked about the wreaths in a complimentary way. :-) You could even make them as gifts for friends (hostess gift, party favor, housewarming gift, shower, new baby, any party, just because, etc.) with any ribbon and embellishments you choose.

Save additional ribbon for making the tin can crafts from  "How to Make Remarkable Party Favors and Hostess Gifts for a Denim and Diamonds Party". 

In my next blog post I will be welcoming you to the party with a very unique and impressive appetizer.  Be sure to come back my friends.  You won't want to miss it.  

I love to read your comments. They mean a lot to any blogger, so please feel free to give me your thoughts in the comment section below.  

Until next time, 


Remarkable Party Favors for a Denim & Diamonds Party

For the latest content, please refresh your screen before reading as I often add more pictures or edit copy. The refresh button is the circular arrow in the address box on the right side.  It only takes a few seconds. I design my blog to be free of interrupting ads and easy to view.  

Greetings friends!

In case you were unaware, I teach a class four times a year on how to host a dining event of some type.  As one of my blog followers you will be able to obtain a peek into the process as I share with you some of the aspects of the events.  In January, I taught a class on "How to Host a Delightful Tea".  In April I shared with my attendees, "How To Host a Delightful Spring Luncheon", and the event I am about to share with you was a class entitled "How to Host a Delightful Denim and Diamonds Dinner". (Book in the works) It was one of my favorite all time events.  They are all really so much FUN!  Perhaps one day, you will be able to attend one of my events.  

Note: My next event will be an Autumn Brunch.  If you wish to sign up, please email me at I am limited to seven guests and three people have reserved so far.  The date will be October 29th. I might be open to hosting a second event if you can gather seven people together.  :-) It is a great gift to give someone, and yourself!

I want to present to you some fun party favors we made at the Denim and Diamonds Dinner event.  Every guest takes home what they have made.

We first painted Dollar Tree Store coffee cups with their initials upon them. 

I printed my guests initials out on clear full sheet of label paper and cut around each letter and affixed it to the cup very carefully.  When my guests arrived, all they had to do was paint around the initial to make it their own, and peel away the letter. Here are the instructions for making the design permanent: 
  • Affix a letter or design, such as a leaf, heart, or whatever you wish to a cup that has an adhesive back on it
  • Paint a design or make dots around your letter with oil-based Sharpies.  The pens are about $4.00 each. Be sure to get very close to the letter all around and inside any openings or your letter will not be pronounced. Keep painting until you get the look you desire.
  • Place your cup(s) on a cookie sheet, in a room temperature oven, heat to 350 degrees.
  • Bake for two hours, turn off the oven and remove when cool. The design should then be permanent.
I obtained the inspiration from several Pinterest posts.  If you want to take a look on Pinterest, simply enter "Painted Coffee Mugs" in the search box and find something you like.  Here is how the example I made for them looked:

 The dots were applied with oil-based blue and silver Sharpie pins.  
The blue got lighter after the baking of the cup.

We decorated horseshoes too! Such a unique favor or gift to make someone.  Simply wrap denim around the horse shoe as desired. Affix rhinestone buttons with a glue gun.  Attached coordinated fabric flowers with rhinestones on them and tie the top sides with blue jute.  All items are found in craft stores.  I thought this was my big idea.  However, I went to Pinterest to check and see if there was anything like this and to my surprise their were all kinds of unique designs.  If you have the time, it would be fun to take a look.  Just enter "Decorated Horse Shoes" in the search box.  People are incredibly creative.

My guests also learned how to decorate water bottles.  This takes an ordinary item and kicks it up to extraordinary.  I think my guests will re-use and/or re-apply the design to other water bottles.  You will surely be styling if you keep something like this in your car or wherever you are;-)

Your guests can decorate tin cans with bling strips and fabric flowers to be used as candle or plant holders.  See other samples above.

Additional fun party favors we made were pens wrapped in florist tape with a white rose and a leaf attached to the top.  Each guest made three.  They were then placed in the decorated cans  filled with coffee beans to resemble the look of dirt.  They also provide a pleasant coffee aroma.  If you don't like the smell of coffee, use pinto beans. 

One design of the rose pens within the coffee bean filled, decorated tin cans.

Everyone decorated candles too.  The tall, thin white candles can be purchased at the Dollar Tree and make excellent candles for decorating.  They now come in a variety of colors too, such as red, blue, green, and yellow. (Think autumn, Christmas, Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day)

Fill decorated cans with flowers or candy or whatever you like.
Do you notice the diamond pattern on the cake stand?

This picture was taken before the flowers were inserted. Below, you can see the mantle in the background. It just so happens that my mirror has a lot of sparkle to it.  It was really pretty, as is Leisha one of my guests.  She was treated to the event as a birthday gift.  Isn't that a GREAT idea!?

Leisha is holding her welcome drink of "Strawberry Champagne Punch".

All in all, the favors were a big hit and they could also be used as hostess gifts if you are going to a themed party.  Everyone went home delighted, and that was my goal. 

My next blog post will show you how to make remarkable Denim and Diamond wreaths very inexpensively but impressive.  I hope you'll come back to see that post.

Until then, I hope you are having a delightful day!