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Remarkable Party Favors for a Denim & Diamonds Party

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Greetings friends!

In case you were unaware, I teach a class four times a year on how to host a dining event of some type.  As one of my blog followers you will be able to obtain a peek into the process as I share with you some of the aspects of the events.  In January, I taught a class on "How to Host a Delightful Tea".  In April I shared with my attendees, "How To Host a Delightful Spring Luncheon", and the event I am about to share with you was a class entitled "How to Host a Delightful Denim and Diamonds Dinner". (Book in the works) It was one of my favorite all time events.  They are all really so much FUN!  Perhaps one day, you will be able to attend one of my events.  

Note: My next event will be an Autumn Brunch.  If you wish to sign up, please email me at I am limited to seven guests and three people have reserved so far.  The date will be October 29th. I might be open to hosting a second event if you can gather seven people together.  :-) It is a great gift to give someone, and yourself!

I want to present to you some fun party favors we made at the Denim and Diamonds Dinner event.  Every guest takes home what they have made.

We first painted Dollar Tree Store coffee cups with their initials upon them. 

I printed my guests initials out on clear full sheet of label paper and cut around each letter and affixed it to the cup very carefully.  When my guests arrived, all they had to do was paint around the initial to make it their own, and peel away the letter. Here are the instructions for making the design permanent: 
  • Affix a letter or design, such as a leaf, heart, or whatever you wish to a cup that has an adhesive back on it
  • Paint a design or make dots around your letter with oil-based Sharpies.  The pens are about $4.00 each. Be sure to get very close to the letter all around and inside any openings or your letter will not be pronounced. Keep painting until you get the look you desire.
  • Place your cup(s) on a cookie sheet, in a room temperature oven, heat to 350 degrees.
  • Bake for two hours, turn off the oven and remove when cool. The design should then be permanent.
I obtained the inspiration from several Pinterest posts.  If you want to take a look on Pinterest, simply enter "Painted Coffee Mugs" in the search box and find something you like.  Here is how the example I made for them looked:

 The dots were applied with oil-based blue and silver Sharpie pins.  
The blue got lighter after the baking of the cup.

We decorated horseshoes too! Such a unique favor or gift to make someone.  Simply wrap denim around the horse shoe as desired. Affix rhinestone buttons with a glue gun.  Attached coordinated fabric flowers with rhinestones on them and tie the top sides with blue jute.  All items are found in craft stores.  I thought this was my big idea.  However, I went to Pinterest to check and see if there was anything like this and to my surprise their were all kinds of unique designs.  If you have the time, it would be fun to take a look.  Just enter "Decorated Horse Shoes" in the search box.  People are incredibly creative.

My guests also learned how to decorate water bottles.  This takes an ordinary item and kicks it up to extraordinary.  I think my guests will re-use and/or re-apply the design to other water bottles.  You will surely be styling if you keep something like this in your car or wherever you are;-)

Your guests can decorate tin cans with bling strips and fabric flowers to be used as candle or plant holders.  See other samples above.

Additional fun party favors we made were pens wrapped in florist tape with a white rose and a leaf attached to the top.  Each guest made three.  They were then placed in the decorated cans  filled with coffee beans to resemble the look of dirt.  They also provide a pleasant coffee aroma.  If you don't like the smell of coffee, use pinto beans. 

One design of the rose pens within the coffee bean filled, decorated tin cans.

Everyone decorated candles too.  The tall, thin white candles can be purchased at the Dollar Tree and make excellent candles for decorating.  They now come in a variety of colors too, such as red, blue, green, and yellow. (Think autumn, Christmas, Valentines Day and St. Patrick's Day)

Fill decorated cans with flowers or candy or whatever you like.
Do you notice the diamond pattern on the cake stand?

This picture was taken before the flowers were inserted. Below, you can see the mantle in the background. It just so happens that my mirror has a lot of sparkle to it.  It was really pretty, as is Leisha one of my guests.  She was treated to the event as a birthday gift.  Isn't that a GREAT idea!?

Leisha is holding her welcome drink of "Strawberry Champagne Punch".

All in all, the favors were a big hit and they could also be used as hostess gifts if you are going to a themed party.  Everyone went home delighted, and that was my goal. 

My next blog post will show you how to make remarkable Denim and Diamond wreaths very inexpensively but impressive.  I hope you'll come back to see that post.

Until then, I hope you are having a delightful day!



  1. Love the party favors. And your description of how to do these lovely ideas are so clear anyone can do them now. Even me! I especially love the flowers you choose to go along with the theme. They were a perfect choice! Thanks for all your hard work and sharing your delightful ideas!

  2. Dee, I want to put you in my pocket and carry you with me! Thank you. I do try to make it as easy as possible for someone to duplicate. The flowers were amazing.

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