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How to Make an Unforgettable Bacon Bouquet

This is one of the most remarkable appetizers I have ever made, Bacon Bouquets!  I did get the idea from several different posts on Pinterest.  I made it my own by the ingredients I used. Whenever I serve it people go wild with excitement.  I'm not kidding!

For this bouquet, use boxed, pre-cooked bacon strips.  Each rose required two strips of bacon. Two boxes were required, which made 12. After covering them with maple syrup and brown sugar, (sprinkle lightly with cinnamon too if you wish), roll them up into rose shapes and place them in small muffin tins with holes drilled for drainage. If they are loose, simply secure them with a toothpick to hold them in place.  Place upon a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

When they are finished baking and look the way you want them to, and are cool enough to touch but still warm, remove them and carefully place them within an artificial flower stem in which you have removed the artificial flower.  Place in a vase or upon a silver tray with a white doily.

After searching high and low, the best arrangement I found was a red rose arrangement from Hobby Lobby for $6.99. (With a 40% discount coupon you may buy them for $4.20).  It takes some time and effort to remove the rose petals from the stems, but you can re-use these once you have washed them in the sink. 

 Muffin tin with drilled holes.

Shown above are stems that have been clipped and artificial flower removed.  I found the bacon too heavy to be used upon the arrangement without clipping them. (They fall over.  And that is not what you want to have happen when you are  presenting such a fun and unique appetizer!) This way you are able to lay them down on a tray, or stand them up in a vase as I did in the picture above.

You will end up removing a few innards to bring it to this point with a stem poking through.  I actually glue gunned the stem  at it's bottom to be sure it stayed secure.

I GUARANTY your event will start out on a high note with this menu item alone.  The only thing that made this better was the strawberry sparkling punch served in tandem.  It was a fabulous combination.

Helpful Hint: You need to have these ready and waiting when your guest arrive, otherwise the impact of the appetizer isn't quite as impressive.  Additionally, have the strawberry sparkling punch poured and ready to present with your appetizers upon your guests arrival. You don't want to be arranging these when you should be serving them.  It's okay for them to  be room temperature.  

My next blog post will be a really fun themed activity we did at the Denim and Diamonds Party that brought lots of smiles and good feelings.  Check back with me friends.  

I'd be interested in hearing what favorite appetizers you serve at your events.  Please share with me by commenting in the "Comments" section below.  

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  1. Since you asked, one of my bacon appetizers is to wrap a piece of dried fruit such as an apricot or a date with bacon that has been cooked. I like bacon crisp. So I cook it first but to make in malleable I heat up in microwave for a few seconds before wrapping around dried fruit. I use a pretty pick to hold together and for guest to pick up. But I love your punch and can't wait to try it out for my guest next time! Great post today Debbie!

  2. Dee, I love dates stuffed with blue cheese, a walnut half, and bacon. Sooooo good. It is hard to go wrong with bacon. Love the idea of apricot wrapped bacon. I'll have to try that. Thanks for commented. 😊