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A Fun Denim & Diamonds Party Activity

If you wish to get everyone smiling and making memories that you can capture for your guests, why not try this? We had a lot of fun having our picture taken inside a frame we held and cocked at an angle.

A foam board was cut to be a frame and sparkling silver glitter letters were attached to the bottom of the frame that read "I SPARKLE!"  Each ladies picture was snapped and sent to them as a Party Keepsake.

A very short message was spoken to them at the end of the party about no matter how we look on the outside, it's the sparkle within that counts.  When the Lord gives us the sparkle of the Holy Spirit within, we need to let it shine so others see Jesus in us.  
Everyone actually enjoyed the thought of having a picture like this to keep.  It will remind them of the fun time they had and that they "SPARKLE!"  The mix of ages at this event was spectacular.  We all shared a great time.  The young and older were all very creative in their own ways.

One last favor they were given at the conclusion of the party was a geode that had been cracked in half, placed in an diminutive denim pouch.  The outside was nothing much to behold, but the insides of every geode within were different and beautiful, just like them.  I'm pretty sure they are all going to remember to let their sparkle shine. 

I am really interesting in hearing what you do for party activities that really get your crowd engaged.  Let me know in the comment section below.

I saved the best for last, no, not the picture of me! In my next post, I am going to show you one of the most beautiful tablescapes you will ever lay your eyes on!  Isn't that a confident statement?  I'm not kidding.  You need to come visit again.

Until next time~ Debbie


  1. Love your creative ideas. And party activities that I have depends on the season. St. Patricks Day events, invites treasure hunts, Leprechaun trap contest (who made the best trap (involves little ones) and treasure hunts (the adults). I have also done treasure hunts within my tablescape. Each guest is given a small card under their plate, and they have to search for the item that represents something. Depends on the theme. Easter for example I may place a lamb, Shepherd, and cross on the table. The card then would have 'hints' of what they were looking for.

  2. LOVE that idea Dee! I may borrow it sometime! 😜