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Perfect Menu for a Denim & Diamonds Dinner Party

If you have been following my blog for the last week or so, you have viewed ways to make party favors, how to make a remarkable Denim and Diamonds wreath, ways to have fun, how to construct an unforgettable bacon bouquet appetizerhow to set a beautiful Denim and Diamonds tablescape and how to make a remarkable Denim and Diamonds Party Invitation.  Today, I will present  the menu my guests enjoyed.  Everyone expressed complete delight and I was happy to bring those feelings and great food to them.

This was an easier dinner party than most to prepare as I was able to make many of the items  ahead of time.  Here's the menu:

This soup was perfect for a summer event!  Not only did it taste delicious, it was such a cool refreshing soup that looked phenomenal.  Placed into the Fenton Silver Crested Milk Glass bowls and adorned with a peach slice and mint leaf, it was amazing!


Twice Baked Potatoes, before baking.

Everyone LOVED these! 

Have you ever had The Smokehouse Garlic Cheese Bread? If not, you are in for a real treat! The Smokehouse Restaurant has been in Burbank, CA, across from Warner Bros. Studios for decades.  It has been visited by numerous movie stars and people from all over who love to dine. They are famous for this bread.  You could go there and just eat this and sip on  a beverage.  I have never met anyone who didn't love this bread.  It is addicting!  Many people have the recipe.  This is how I make it.

You may click on any of the recipes to print them. 

We concluded the evening with The Best Vanilla Cupcakes topped with The Best Vanilla Frosting. I found the recipes on Pinterest.  Just enter those names in the search box on Pinterest and you will find the delicious recipes. I topped these cupcakes with small and medium silver non-perils and little specially ordered diamond sugar shapes. If you look really close, you can see them! wanted to place a sparkler on each cupcake for the grand finale, however,  they don't make sparklers like they used to!  So I placed them on a platter, and lit one huge sparkler in the middle and served them.  That way, I was able to end my "sparkle" themed event in a grand way.

All in all, it was a completely enchanting event and everyone had a wonderful time. I suspect these class attendees will be having parties of their own in the future and adapting some of what they learned at this event to their own fun themes. The more parties the better,  don't you think?  

Until next time, "Whatever you do, make it delightful!"

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  1. Pleased to know about the dinner menu and recipes are worth trying too. Went for an anniversary party of my best friend last week. Cake and desserts were delightful. And yes Chicago event venues are highly recommended to all looking for party locations. Everything from glassware to table arrangements and interior decorations was adorable.