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About Me

Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting!

I am a retired AT&T Advertising Account Executive.  I enjoyed a 38 year career doing something I loved!  I loved meeting people, helping their businesses grow, and expressing my creative side for their benefit.  

I've been married to my husband, John, for over 42 years, and am the mother of two grown sons. One resides in So Cal and helps me with ALL of my computer challenges. One resides in Utah and introduces me to much adventure.   I have four amazing grandchildren and a daughter-in-law that I adore, as well as four great granddaughters and a great grandson.  We don't get to see each other nearly enough. They might give you a different answer ;-)

Many years ago,  when I started my married life, I began to discover things about myself.  I found that I loved traveling, decorating, crafting, sewing, and hosting parties.  Because people interest me,  I like discovering their experiences, adventures, the things the Lord is doing in their lives, and the things that interest them and ignite their passion.  Passion for something is amazing!  It can lift you to the most incredible places and experiences. 

In 1984, I gazed upon the front cover of Martha Stewart's book, Entertaining
I was enthralled with the teal colored glasses contrasted with the orange poppies on the cover.  I had to have that book!  Once purchased, the discoveries within the pages ignited a fire of all things beautiful, particularly the colored glass.  I love glass, dishes, teacups, teapots and anything that can be uniquely used for entertaining. Within her book, the unique idea of roses frozen in ice, enclosing a bottle for serving a beverage, so impressed me.  After many attempts at collecting things, I have come to the conclusion that if you are going to collect something, it might as well be something beautiful, practical, and that you can see and use often.

That is how my love of entertaining got started!  I'm a good cook, not fabulous! Although some have raved about my recipes. If I find a recipe that is delicious and easy, I treasure it, and within these blog pages will attempt to share as many of them with you as I can.  In addition to conversing with people I derive the most pleasure from decorating my tables.  The possibilities are endless. I blog as a hobby not a business so you won't be interrupted by endless pop-up ads. I conduct classes about crafting and entertaining each month just  for fun with seven dear friends.

I simply desire to have fun celebrating life and sharing what I've learned along the way as well as discovering what creative others have come up with to experience and enjoy.  I hope as you view these pages, you will find something inspirational in what I share. If you feel lead to, I'd be honored if you share my blog with others who share our passion.  

If you wish to contact me, you may email me at:
Hope you enjoy a DELIGHTFUL day!

Debbie Bolduc