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My New Logo!

What do you think? Do you like it?  I LOVE it!  I searched for hours for the perfect image.  I found this and immediately knew it was "the one".  Kind of like when I saw my husband for the first time!  I purchased the image and my good buddy, Trina, performed some of her talent on it and here it is.  

I wanted it to embody the fact that mostly what I like to blog about is entertaining and hospitality.  My passion is tablescapes, even though there are so many people much more talented than I am.  I love planning, scheming, and setting a remarkable table almost more than anything!

I have collected dishes, glassware and teaware for years and I love delighting my friends with them like I was delighted the first time I saw Martha Stewart's book, "Entertaining", in which  teal glassware and orange flowers were featured on the cover.  That was 1984 and I have been an addict ever since!  (In a good way!) 

I love the logo because it is imperfect, like me, and it is cheerful, like me.  Remember zippy, zany, and zealous?  (Inside joke.)  Therefore, polka dots! I love the font because it implies embellishment to something ordinary.  That's what I love to do, keep adding and adding until you haven't gone to far! And last, I have a foam heart in the latte cup to inspire me to do everything with love.

I would love to hear what you think about it.  I welcome your comments in the space below where you can click on "Comment". 

I hope and pray you have a DELIGHTFUL week.  Big hugs,