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Wreaths With Friends

Wreath making with friends is a really  fun thing to  do.  Everyone loves the finished work.  This beautiful wreath was constructed by Jonell.

A full view of the wreath hung upon an ornate French mirror.

Everyone made a fine wreath that anyone would love to adorn their home  with. 

Me and my wreath

 A close-up of my wreath

If you wish to develop close relationships with other women, I highly recommend creating a group of women you enjoy and take the lead in scheduling monthly crafting events with or without food.  We always have either brunch or lunch. Lunch is such a great way to wind down after a few hours of crafting and completely enjoy each other's company.  Eight of us have been meeting for about four years now, once a month and we all make it a priority in our lives because we enjoy what we do and who we do it with immensely. 

You might ask, "How do you know what crafts to do?"  I have found success in choosing something I want to learn.  Finding out how to do it, then teaching my friends.  They teach me a great deal along the way too.   I try to select things that people would actually want, either for themselves or for giving to others.  Pinterest is a great source of ideas.  I have several boards designed for crafting.  Feel free to look me up and check them out.

In the coming days I will share with you a list   of over 40 crafts we have made together.  Who knows, maybe someday I'll compile them in a book in order to help others experience the fun and bounding we have enjoyed over the years. 

Until next time,  Debbie

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