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Easter Dining In Pastels

Easter has always been a fun day at our home. With three nephews, and a niece to add to my own family, we always hosted an Easter egg hunt for them. We first hear the Resurrection story at church, then come home to the food and festivities. Now I have two great-nieces and they love the thrill of the hunt as well. We haven't stopped having the hunt even though they are grown up now. It's tradition, and families like traditions.

This year we are celebrating the week after Easter for various reasons. My table is set and ready to delight my dear extended family. I will add two crosses to this table and place a cross on each place setting atop the napkin to remember what we are really celebrating; Christ's resurrection! I never get tired of that story.

My table is topped with a floral table cloth, with a ecru lace table cloth on top of that, and then topped with a fabric square of glittery pastel Easter eggs. I brought out my Depression Era Pink Miss America salad plates and Bubble Blue bread plates. I thought it would look spectacular to feature a pink, blue and yellow drinking glasses for water, tea and wine. I added antique milk glass candle holders and filled my bowl with colored pastel eggs. Below the eggs are eight frolicking bunnies with pastel bows tied around their necks. I think it will be a fun table and everyone's eyes as well as their tummies will be filled with delight.

I would love to hear if you have a special, unique or extraordinary way you celebrate Easter.
Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours!

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