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Three Gals That Make My Life Delightful

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I can't help but brag about my 7-year-old granddaughter!  
This 14 second video will show you one of the reasons why! 
 I think we may have a future Olympian!  She brings me so much joy!  I just adore her!
Go Jensen!!

 Two other super sweet hearts in my life are
 my daughter-in-law, Kim, and my oldest granddaughter Morgan

There are no people nicer than these two!  This was right before we left to go see The After The Final Rose Ceremony in Hollywood, on July 22 in which Jef proposed to Emily!  I'm pretty sure they were really excited to go.  Morgan teaches Cheer to little ones, works in an office, AND attends college full time!!  Kim is a special-ed teacher, wife, and mother of four! 

I am indeed BLESSED to have these gals in my life!!  Who makes your life delightful? 

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