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Sneak Peak At "Under The Sea" Table

I thought there was NO WAY I could top last year's beach themed table.  Last year was my first year to set a table this way.  When I started setting the table this year it just kept looking better and better and BETTER!  The blue sparkly Mylar sheeting makes you feel like you are actually underwater!  (Like the submarine ride at Disneyland!)  I am so excited to share my finished work with you!  I'm off to find some under the sea friends for a spectacular idea I have. 
I have been conducting a contest for my local followers in which the grand prize is dinner for themselves and three of their friends in my home.  I have given them the choice of Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner with 12 different themed tables. If they win.  I wouldn't be surprised if this is the theme they choose.  It is just FUN...and delightful!  :-)


  1. Good thing you couldn't pass up those darling starfish dishes =) That sea-themed table setting is beyond's delightful!!
    And, thank you for posting all the beautiful sunflower decos and the recipes from our 'sunny gathering'....gonna go make me some gazpacho now!

    1. John and I enjoyed that Gazpacho for days! It was the best ever! Thank you Nancy for your kind comments. I sooooooo enjoyed having you and our group in my home. The sweet memories are still echoing off the walls. :-)