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Tables Transformed By Squares

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In November, I acquired a new granddaughter by marriage. As a new member of the family, I wanted to express love to her and my grandson by communicating with them in some way every month. It was my desire to include my other granddaughter, Morgan too. She's in college, so I set out to start a "Hope Chest" for her. I chose to make each of them a table topper a month so they would know I was thinking about them often. I tried to find fabric designs that highlighted an event that was traditionally celebrated in each month.

   A "Happy Birthday" design was given for the month of January.Symbolizing the birth of a new year, and a fabric that could be used year around for dinners in or out. I made one for myself and took it to a Tea we had for my good friend Janice. The table perked up when we added the topper and I think Janice appreciated the special gesture. Don't forget to pick it up when you leave! Or, you could give it as a birthday gift so your friend can use it year around. You can display them like the "You Are Special Today" plates so many of us have. I chose a print that had lots of colors so they could choose what color of napkins, balloons, or other embellishments they desired. In February, I used a "Glittery Hearts" theme. March I was so happy to find a beautiful "Glittery Shamrocks"   print. April  was elebrated with a bright yellow fabric with wonderfully decorated "Easter Eggs". Then came "Flowers and Bees" in May and in June I gave them a "Hot Chili Peppers" design. I am getting ready to sew their "4th of July Fireworks" print, and have the rest of the year planned. I can hardly wait to give them to them.

This method can be used for ANY and EVERY event you wish, even picnics. (I saw a red gingham print with ants on it at Jo Ann's Fabrics). For about $10 or less, you can purchase the length of the width of the fabric and sew a hem all the way around the fabric. Beware! One can get carried away thinking of additional things to add to the table toppers, like napkin rings, place card holders, napkins, etc.

I purchased black background tablecloths and napkins for my granddaughters so that they can have a basic, dramatic tablecloth in which to host these other prints. Unfortunately I purchased a round table cloth for Carly, whose table is square. :- /

Morgan displayed her table topper on the buffet table at Easter and it really livened up the table. Made me purr inside to see her use it too. :-)

Most of the toppers I've made so far have black in the background or somewhere within the fabric, with the exception of Easter. I have read in decorating books that BLACK ADDS DRAMA to a room, so why not a table?!

In my Bible study, we have a themed potluck dinner once a month. These are a great, inexpensive way to highlight a theme and have something to use for years to come as they don't always get a lot of use, but add so much to making your table delightful when they are.


  1. Debbie, thank you for sharing these great ideas with us! Where did you find your black tablecloth? I'll be on the lookout for material sales, so I can try some of these out at home and at our monthly fellowships at Community Bible Study.

  2. Hi Caren! I bought mine at Target but you can find some great ideas by googling "black tablecloths". The sky is the limit! I look forward to seeing what you come up with this year. :-)