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Tropical Flower Lesson

Last night, I learned how to make this beautiful tropical flower arrangement. The lady who has made the arrangements for Citrus City Grill and other fine restaurants for years taught the class. My sister had an "in" because it is her son's girlfriend's mom who leads the class. :-)

These are so EASY to make! You just need to know where to buy the flowers, and leaves, etc. Next time I have a Luau, I'm making my own flowers and I bet I'll save a lot of money!

I know I have Hawaiian music somewhere. Maybe I'll play it tomorrow night and make Pina Coladas, Mai Tais, or Lava Flows to go with that. If I can't go to Hawaii, I can feel like I'm there, right? Oh yes, I have a great recipe for Coconut Cake too. Then there's that tropical rice recipe I like, not to mention how I love barbecued ribs! I feel a dinner party about to happen. See how these things get started!

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