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Can you share one of the funnest dinner parties you attended?

I'd love to hear: What made it special? What food was served? What was the entertainment like? Did you create your own party? The music? What did someone do that made you feel extra special or dearly loved?

One of the funnest dinners I attended was at my friend Patty's house ( It was the year our nine month Bible study theme was "Wisdom". She decorated her table in bright colors and had little tiny multi-colored Chinese take-out boxes. Printed on the outside of these boxes, in a print that was an oriental style, was: "The Honorable (person's name)". These uniquely served as name tags. Within, she had a humorous fortune for each of us. All 28 of us took a turn at reading what our individual fortunes were. We had a LOT of laughs. I don't even remember what she served, but I remember how she made us feel, DELIGHTFUL!

Patty, if you read this and can send me pictures of that event, I'll post them here.

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