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Make Your Own Napkin Rings & Place Card Holders

These napkin rings and place card holders are easy to make but do take time. I watched a video on Michael' of what you can do with your used candy molds. One hundred dollars later, I had a drawer full of paper clay, sandpaper, molds, paints, paintbrushes, sequins, glue and wire! The upside is I can make these for free for the next two years!! I found the best molds at a cake decorating store. The biggest benefit to these is you can customize things to your table decor or table toppers. (See previous blog: What you can do with a square.)

Cut the paper clay within the black package into eighths. Press the clay into the molds being careful to press it in real hard to avoid cracks or holes. I pressed it in so it didn't go into the lollipop stick portion of the mold. You can take it out of the mold in about an hour. Be careful not to bend it or it will dry that way. They should pop right out if you tap it on the counter a few times.

If you are making place card holders, cut a piece of 20 gauge wire about six inches long, Bend it as you wish and insert into the moist clay. I used jewelry tools to bend my wire. I ended up super gluing mine at the entry point because they wiggled around. After they are dry, you can sand any rough edges.

Now it's time to paint. Acrylic paints work well. Apply the first coat, let dry. If you wish to paint a second coat, repeat. After the paint was dry a sealer was applied. Sequins were then affixed with Elmer's glue on top. The napkin rings took an extra step of sewing the gingham fabric together and attaching them crosswise with wire. Hot glue the components together as you see it above. I will save you a great deal of time by telling you after looking all over that I finally found the wooden napkin rings at Jo-Ann's.

I have a party planned for a dear friend in which a Kelly green napkin will be inserted and placed on top of an orange polka-dotted table topper I made just for the event. I am ecstatic for you to see the whole event which will take place in September. Stay tuned for coming attractions!

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