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Multiplication Table

"Its amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."
Harry S. Truman (Often quoted by Ronald Reagan)

I love this quote, but better yet LIVING IT! I think so much is NOT accomplished in our lives because someone fears they won't get their credit, or accolades, or favor, or promotion! I think the better trait is found in the one who gets things done with others and sincerely praises them for their efforts. Even more, I admire the one who sets another person up to look great in the eyes of others. The ZENITH (highest point or state) is when we make the effort to make the OTHER person look good! BTW, if one consistently lives this way, they won't have to worry about their accolades and admiration, or promotions; they will freely flow.

On recent trip to Utah, my older son, Chad, who I was re-united with in 2005, (Yea!) took us out jeep riding (I'll explain the exhilaration of that another time). He has three jeeps, (yep, three!). When we set out for our adventure, he arranged it so his newly acquired brother would look elevated in John's and my eyes by letting him drive his dad in one of those jeeps. That is a GREAT heart! My son, Chris, looked, and I'm sure felt, so proud to be showing us his new skill, acquired without any input from us! He's flying outside the nest and loving it. I love how these two love each other. :-) My point is, Chad could have enjoyed all the glory, but it was MULTIPLIED because he SHARED it. Events like that make life delightful!

BTW, this compels me to PRAISE Dona Brian, one INCREDIBLE MOTHER, who raised not only Chad, but three other sons and a daughter. And, she loves me too! Love is better MULTIPLIED rather than DIVIDED or DESTROYED.

Do you know of an inspiring story in your own experiences? I'd love to hear about it!

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