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Fiesta Mexicana...Ole!

Everyone I know loves Mexican food! That's what I wanted to serve this evening, so I set out to plan a Fiesta Mexicana. Additionally, I wanted to decorate in a Mexican theme to add to the enjoyment of the evening. I REALLY wanted to find a pinata for my dinner party and had success at Party City for under $15.00. I found one that coordinated with my theme which had the perfect colors for my Fiesta Ware dishes and hand-made tissue flowers. For more pizazz, I added streams of red ribbon adorned with silk flowers and leaves affixed with heavy duty glue dots. (One of my very favorite finds!) Oh yes, don't forget the Mexican Mariachi music!

I has so much fun anticipating my friend coming over! I couldn't wait demonstrate how much I enjoy getting together with them. I'd tell you who they are, but I want to protect their identities! ;-)

Color just injects such a great element to the visual enjoyment of any event. Coordinating, crazy, multi-color, monochrome, jewel tones, metallic, white and black (actually white and any color), or, whatever you come up with in ANY combination you choose makes your event unique. Sometimes the inspiration comes from your dishes or napkins, or the season or reason for the event. (Baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party, anniversary party, graduation party or whatever you are celebrating). Complimenting my Fiesta Ware dishes, I created tissue flowers like you can find south of the border. They were easy to make, added so much delight to the table, and were VERY cost effective!

For $3.00 at Party City, Maracas added a colorful and festive touch. Inexpensive, bright colored bandanas, used for napkins, came from Micheal's. (They have LOTS of colors). Floral dishes and glassware were purchased from Pier 1 Imports. I LOVE that place!! The finishing touches to my preparations were the wonderful salad Cindy brought, the 7-10 layer dip Peggy brought, and the Margarita Cake Anita brought. They fabulously enhanced my Vegetarian Enchiladas, home made tacos, and Spanish rice. My Ole Margaritas were another thing we girls enjoyed. I have a really great recipe given to me by my dear friend Trisha.

Here's the Ole Margarita Recipe:

Place equal portions of Tequila, Frozen Limeade concentrate and ice in a blender along with a shot of Grand Marnier. Pulse on "liquify", pour into salt rimmed Margarita glasses, embellish with a lime and ENJOY!

Vegetarian Enchilada recipe from Sunset Magazine years ago, Google: Sunset Magazine Vegetarian Enchiladas. They are AWESOME!

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