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Abstract Punctuation & Conversation Prints

My son, Chris, moved into a new home in Utah recently. I created these for his wall not knowing how much people would like them, including me! I decided that if anyone wanted to order the prints I would produce them. Hidden within the various geometric designs are words that you have to search for when up close.

They are all designed to make one think and stimulate conversation! I was aiming for a colorful look to a brand new vacant house. As it turns out they compliment perfectly the wild coffee table his brother gave him! It is brown wood with an orange metallic top. How many of you have ever even seen something like that?! I can change the words according to your requests, or you can purchase them as they were designed. (Nothing vulgar please.) I will produce each print for $12.00 (Covers ink, paper & mailing). Or I can unlock the download for you for $7.00.


  1. Now I'm YOUR first follower! I can't think of anyone I would rather follow dear friend. God bless your blog!

  2. Patty, thanks for your kind words! We will master this blogging together ;-)