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A Tribute to Chris

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This is my son, Chris. I am so proud of him! He helps me with ALL of my computer challenges...with a great measure of patience :-). I have learned so much from him. Don't we learn a lot from our children?

He is wise, makes great decisions, and gives excellent advice. He taught me how to blog, make my banner, add blog buttons, add gadgets and other blog essentials. Actually, he's taught me almost everything I know about computers. I had to learn graphic design on my own as he loves dealing with the inside of a computer with things I can't pronounce or understand.

Since he moved to Utah, we speak about once a week, on Saturday mornings (which I really look forward too). But he receives numerous "Help!" texts from me within each month. He always responds with a great attitude. Don't know how that will work out when he meets "Miss Forever" and has kids, but for now, it's so nice. I imagine it can only get better!

Our Chris is respectful, kind, and quietly humble. He has a very interesting sense of humor. He's zinged you before you know it, but with love. I'm most proud that he loves God and that his life reflects that. He makes John and my life DELIGHTFUL! I'd love to hear about someone who makes your life DELIGHTFUL.

This has been posted exclusively for my blog followers.
Because Chris is not braggadocios, he reluctantly allowed me to print this.

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