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Great Idea For a To-Go Container

Take a paper plate, cut a slit on each side the width of the ribbon you are using. This plate's gross-grain ribbon was about one inch wide. For this plate, the ribbon measured one and a half yards in length. Trim the ends of the ribbon as you wish. Press the ribbon through the slits so that it is ready to tie over the dome when you have placed it over your food items. (The domes are made of plastic plant pot liners!!) Once the dome is secure, tie the bow over the dome. This was a delightful presentation! Have the plates slit, ribbons attached,and ready to go for your guests. You don't want to have to fumble with cutting and tying ribbon when your guests are departing your event.

Yesterday, my incredibly gifted and talented sister, Jane Perry, hosted a delightful Valentines luncheon for her close friends. I was blessed to be a helper and a guest. She is very generous and thoughtful. I'm so glad I'm getting much closer to her since our younger sister passed away in 2008.

We both love to create pleasurable experiences for others. We delight in the anticipation of the joy our guests will experience and have so much fun creating these events. My sister designed this To-Go Container which can be customized to whatever event you are having.

I told her to just listen for the Oooohs, Ahhhhs, and Wows! And she got them. Her friends were delightful, as was the food and the activity she planned for us: We ALL got to design a multi-rose floral arrangement with Master Flower Designer, Pam.

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