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Tea at the "Posh Pheasant" in San Clemente

Three reasons to have tea at the Posh Peasant: Great Tea, Antique Stores & Beautiful Ocean

After leaving my credit card at an antique store 40 miles away in San Clemente the day before, I returned to retrieve it the next day and felt I should make my return trip delightful in some way. So I decided to pop in to The Posh Peasant Tea Room I had discovered the day before. The ocean is a quick drive of about a mile away.

They were fully capable of serving walk-ins and their "Sampler Tea" was fabulous. They served diminutive tea sandwiches of cucumber, egg salad, and tuna salad. The blueberry scone was warm and perfect, and accompanied by a few slices of fresh pear, and other fruits. This was accompanied by homemade lemon curd, strawberry jam and cream fraiche. I had the Peaches and Cream Tea, which was recommended on Yelp.

I met the sweetest patrons there and shared in delightful tea talk. The all raved about the salad that was served. My server was most accommodating. I would definitely recommend this Tea Room for Tea. If you can't go there, why not pour your own cup and add a small sandwich and a cookie and look out at the nature around your home. Or invite a friend for "just a visit".

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