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Leap Year Tablescape

Finding this fabric launched a great idea for Leap Day, 2-29-12! I knew immediately this would be the perfect way to celebrate a day that leaps into our lives every four years. The treat frogs haven't been filled yet, but by tomorrow, I know I'll have a delightful idea. Who can I surprise with this? Hmmmm.

What will you do with your extra day this year? My Bible Study leader, Patty Bivens says, find someone you can express God's love to. I like that idea. I decided I'd forgive my husband for every mistake he makes today!! He's up to eight and it's only 2:30! ;-)


  1. You crack me up Debbie! That's too cute! Any excuse to Make It Delightful!

  2. Absolutely, perfectly delightful Leap Year tablescape! I love all the sweet froggie touches!


  3. Hi! What a lovely tablescape you made here! So fun to see those cute little frog on your table. I love it!

    PS.This is the second time around I commented on your blog. I'll be following you!

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    1. Thank you Victoria. Glad to have you as a visitor.