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More Valentines Tea Pictures

Janny reads her Valentine to Jesus.
We all read pre-written Valentines to Jesus. This sharing was so sweet!


Mary sang her Valentine to Jesus!

We always LOVE to hear what our Precious Carolyn has to say. She is AMAZING!

Betty constructed a very clever poem to Jesus :-)

Nancy got us started...
Sandy, Mona & Nancy
Mary Ann, Vonny & Caren

Janice, "photographer extraordinaire", and Shannon. The Youngins.

Trina, me and Dorothy

Nancy, Jennifer & Cindy

Caren, Denise, Nancy, Janny & Mona
We dressed in Valentines colors which makes everything seem so much more festive!

Shirley & Mary Ann

Janice & our Big Sister, Dory

The Servants Team and the best partners anyone could every ask for!!

Cindy, our flower designer. Love her work!

Patty and me, getting ready for the ladies.

Patty, putting the finishing touches on her Turkey, Cream Cheese & Cranberry Sandwiches

Janny, cutting out the melon hearts.

One of my favorite settings.

I love this set too! Do you notice the bow and rose tied onto the water glass?
The butter pat dish is used to collect used tea bags.

A photo of me by Janice.
Got my hat at an Antique Store! I think it was made for me!
It was a great day!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely time. I especially like reading the valentine to Jesus. You all look beautiful!

  2. Thank you Susan! Did you notice, I finally figured out how to add your blog pic to my blog?!!