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Make an Elegant "Tea Trash Tin" for Under $5.00

Above is my new invention...a "Tea Trash Tin"!  I designed it to hide all the Tea debris that naturally comes with the ceremony of Tea, ie., Tea bag papers, used tea bags, Sweet and Low packets and the like.  My Tea for 28 people would inform me as to whether this invention was a success, or not.  The tins were crafted for a little over $4.00.  The tins were purchased from Michael's for $1.99 and the knobs were purchased at Home Depot for $1.99 each.  Additional shorter screws and silver washers had to be purchased to secure the knob to the tins.   
My husband carefully drilled holes in the center and attached the knobs.  I glued on some sequin strands from a collection I had in my craft room, affectionately called "The Jungle".
You can see the tin prominently placed atop the Tea Table.  I needed to know if this invention was a success or a nuisance.  My friend Patty assured me that they worked out well.  I placed them at the corners of each large table and across the table from the round table, (Above)  I liked them and not seeing all the debris that comes with having a Tea.  Do you think they would work well for you?
I'd love to hear of inventions you have created for making dining easier or more delightful.  I always LOVE to read you comments.  Have a delightful day!  


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