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Hot Pink Polka-Dot Tea Table

Here you see the last of our three Valentines Tea tables.  I so loved these flowers that were purchased at Costco.  They complimented the hot pink polka-dot table square and bows on each corner of the table.  It says "expect fun here!"

I have found that you can make any table have the look you desire by simply locating and sewing a square of a desired fabric and adding other embellishments.  One thing we do that breaks from a traditional tea is give our guests a selection of teas from tea bags.  We simply boil the hot water in large coffee pots and serve hot water with the assortment of tea bags.  The water is kept warm through the use of tea warms with lit candles.

This is a favorite luncheon plate, cup & saucer.  I love the way the beautiful roses are set on the plate, cup and saucer.  The vintage floral print napkins were folded to resemble roses and placed within the teacups. This becomes a real space saver when you need more room for so many tea items.

The tea ware is accompanied by antique cranberry glasses.  Diminutive floral cream and sugar containers host the essentials need for a great tea.  I always add a rainbow of sugar crystals to the white sugar.  It doesn't discolor the tea and adds a touch of delight.

The floral napkin was folded to resemble a rose and placed withing the teacup to make room for other tea accoutrements.  The golden tea warmer kept the water hot for tea.

 Spinach salad and scones started the Tea off well.

While shopping at World Market I came across this sweet heart-shaped pasta.  The chicken noodle soup was fashioned for the use of these noodles. The noodles were prepared ahead of time and added right before we served the soup.  If you have ever tried to use decorative noodles, you will find the fall apart easily! 

Displayed above is the main course of our Tea. The shrimp salad, Apricot Basil Chicken Salad Sandwiches, and tomatoes filled with bacon, basil, and a Chipotle sauce recipes were found on Pinterest.  I would not make the shrimp salad recipe again.  This one, with olives, lemon and horseradish, was bitter.  The chicken salad was fabulous, as was the tomato bites, marinated fruit and olive and cream cheese sandwiches.

Our dessert dish hosted lots of delectable treats! I found all the recipes on Pinterest. The visually pleasing Jell-O brought on the oohs and aahs.  The lemon-lavender cookies were very tasty as were the raspberry meringue and chocolate mint bar.  It was a wonderful grande finale. 


  1. This is positively adorable! I love all of the different treats.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Thank you so much! Ladies, if you haven't seen The Tablescaper Blog @, you must click on over to view her creative events.