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Light Pink Polka-Dot Tea Table

Presented here is one of my favorite Tea tables...Pink Polka Dots!

Accompanying the flowers and polka-dot table cloths is antique glassware and a variety of collected tea ware.

The flowers were purchased at Costco very reasonably.  I found purchasing a large white floral arrangement and adding pink roses made for a beautiful arrangement.  Many people thought they had been professionally designed! ;-)

A wider look at the table shows the tulle bows adorned with  artificial flowers.  Larger ones were placed at each corner and smaller ones were placed at the middle of each section of the table.  Tea pots are placed atop tea warmers with lit candles to keep the tea as warm as possible.
Antique "Miss America" bowls and charger plates hosted the luncheon plates and crochet doilies. The name tags were purchased many years ago from Bombay Company and I have enjoyed using them for years at many varied parties.

Each year Janice makes the scones for our Valentines Tea. We always demand that she makes the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Scones!  (Recipe can be found on another blog post, simply place those words in the search box and it will appear).  This year, back by popular demand, she also made Apricot & Pecan White Chocolate scones.  She always heats them right before we serve them.  There are NONE better! (Recipe also available on this blog)The scones are served with seedless raspberry jam.  .

The napkins and tablecloths were sewn from a pretty pink polka-dot fabric.  The napkins were then folded to appear as roses placed within each teacup.  This was the first year I folded the napkins this way and it saved a great deal of room on the table.  That way, I was able to place the hand-made floral fans that were given to each lady as a party favor.  Instructions for those are given on a previous blog post


The Tea table is all decked out for spinach salad and scones with raspberry jam and clotted mock cream

These olive and cream cheese sandwiches are presented in a rectangular cut and tied with bows and artificial roses for a very feminine touch.   It was originally one of those unexpected but very delightful touches designed to surprise our guests. 


I have a Pinterest account with a board called "Tea Party Ideas".  Perhaps you could find even more inspiring ideas from my collections of mine and other people's ideas.  You can locate my boards on Pinterest by clicking on the "Follow Me on Pinterest" link at the right side of my blog.  

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Make it a delightful day for you and those you love! XOXOX 


  1. The poka dot roses in the tea cups were a delightful surprise and the ladies loved it!

  2. Thanks Dee! I'm so glad to hear that!