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Living Within A French Painting-Bathroom Mural

My husband and I love to travel throughout Europe, but especially France. Everything about France intrigues me, especially the old buildings and architecture, the castles, museums, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, the countryside, the flowers, the food--including the pastries, the chocolate, the chicken at Le Grande Colbert, all of the cities, and the people!

For the longest time I have desired to have a mural painted in my downstairs bathroom that reminded me of France. I wanted it to feel like you were inside of a painting of a French landscape.  This mural has fulfilled my dreams.  Above is the picture you see reflected in the mirror as you enter the bathroom and also the wall that you face when you are taking care of business. ;-)

This scene is painted above the shower.

The scene above is behind the door when you enter the room and highlights the French countryside as does the one below with France's many sunflower fields.

This is the view atop the back end of the shower.

Two cottages pair up to replicate homes on a hillside amidst lavender fields near the castle.

To my disappointment, the castle ended up leaning, along with some other visual shortcomings in various places. I could overlook most of the flaws, but you were certainly distracted by the leaning castle first thing when you entered the room. In a project such as this, you simply can't have that as it takes away from, rather than adding to, the beauty of the whole project.

I asked a dear friend if she could come to my rescue and repair things and thank God, she was able to, and on very short notice.  Thank you forever Hap!  When I gaze at the castle now, I am reminded of your sweet spirit and very willing attitude to rescue me, not to mention your INCREDIBLE TALENT!!  

Voila!  Here is how my friend repaired the inadequate castle. It looks so much more like a castle and so much more French!  I love the greenery in front of the castle rather than the building that looked like an apartment carport.  

This view showing both walls is taken from within the shower!  Wouldn't you love to step out into this scene when you have finished bathing?  Wouldn't you love to  or shower in such scenery? I find myself going inside just to visit my mural.  This mural makes for a more delightful day for me. I don't think I will every tire of it.  :-)  

What room in your home brings you delight, and why?  

Have a DELIGHTFUL  day!




  1. Beautiful Deb!Peggy

  2. Did you paint it yourself? Everything you said was true! The whole mural reminds me of France and its countryside. I love how beautiful the meadows are all so realistic. There's even a vineyard there that makes me want to drink French wine. Haha! Your friend was an artist herself, and she re-did that castle beautifully.