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"Sea Rock" Indoor & Outdoor Place Mats $2 Each!

Embossed shell plate, topped with a large sea shell (for now) sitting atop the rock-look tile.

I am planning a "Sea Worthy" Dinner soon. I can't wait to show you the table setting! (Have to wait for my guests to come over first! ;-)) This is one of the funnest designs I have ever come up with. For now, I will share this idea that came to me for place mats that I believe you are going to LOVE!

You can purchase 12" by 12" floor tiles at Home Depot for 99 cents each. The ones I chose have the word "Moroccan" in their name. Remove the backing and paste them together so that they are reversible. Be very careful as they are sticky and you can't undo then after you stick them together.

I wanted a sea rock effect, so these are what I choose. I used the same tile for the backing but you could choose another pattern and have two unique sets of eight, or however many you want. (I believe these are vinyl)
They look a hundred times better than shown here. Look for my Sea Worthy Dinner coming in a few weeks!