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Patty's "Bachelorette After The Rose" Ceremony

Welcome to the "After The Rose" Ceremony
Patty's entryway covered with roses.
Roses and candles.
Patty's Amazing Chocolate Raspberry Cake
The framed invitation from Jesus.
Appetizers, rose pedals, candles and framed invitations.
Patty getting ready to present a rose.
Patty presenting the rose to her daughter-in-love, Shelley.
Can you see Simone, me, Shelley and Patty?

Okay, I have to admit that I am a ROM-COM addict. To that end, somehow I got hooked on The Bachelorette the season Ali met Roberto. I thought she was so positive and confident for her age. I was really glad she picked Roberto! These young people are my son Chris' age.

Well, I'm not the only one my age who watches! I have several friends my age that watch this show religiously "pun intended". While we were a tad disappointed with the latest season featuring Ashley and JP. We held on any way--always hoping it would get better!! I must say we all agreed with the man she picked; however, we really felt sorry for Ben's feelings, but we are confident he can find someone who is much better suited for him.

Thanks to a friend of Patty's, a group of us were lucky enough to obtain tickets to the final show, called "The Bachelorette, After The Rose". You can see four of us within the first two minutes, full screen!!

My very creative friend, Patty, invited those of us who watched all season, and texted each other during each program, to her home for our own "After The Rose" Ceremony.
I was so amused when I got out of my car and quickly noticed red rose pedals strewn across the walkway accompanied by burning votive candles. Upon entering, there were more crimson rose petals lavished on her entryway floor into the dining area. The dining table was sprinkled with more roses, candles, and a framed invitation for each of us from Jesus, that read, "Our name, will you accept this rose? Jesus, The Rose of Sharon

Each of us brought an appetizer. Patty made the MOST AMAZING DESSERT, my favorite of hers, Chocolate Cake with Raspberries and Raspberry Mousse and Puree!! Two of our friends hadn't seen the last episode, so we had to keep mum until they learned who she picked. After that we watched the episode we attended the taping of. It was such a fun evening. I can't tell you how much we laughed! I thought we would have to send out for a case of Depends!

After the show was over Patty told us she was having her own Rose Ceremony and proceeded to ask each of us if we would be her friends FOREVER. Each of us received a loving speech from Patty and the invitation to accept her rose.
It was so creatively performed, loving, and amazingly comical! I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard.

Upon leaving, she presented each of us with our own personally wrapped chocolate rose. All items purchased at the Dollar Tree. I hope you enjoy the pictures I have featured of the evening. Perhaps you can plan a delightful rose ceremony of your own next season ;-). If you do, I'd love to hear about it.

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