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How To Post A Comment & Sign Up To Follow A Blog

Many of my friends verbally share with me how much they like what I share on my blog, or post a comment as a Facebook response when I post a blog there. I so appreciate that! It is my desire to share things that will inspire or help you in some way. That's something I love to do; help other people achieve their goals. I am no expert, but I'm told I am creative and should share my ideas. I am not selling anything, just sharing ideas :-)

Many of my friends navigate email and possibly a few programs, but find it challenging to post comments on a blog. Therefore, to assist, I'd like to tell you how you can do it because I sooooooo love to read and memorialize your feedback!

When you go to a blog, you first read what the blogger has posted. Posts appear in last dated one posted first in order. If you access the blog by web version vs. mobile version, there are indexes on the side where previous posts are listed that you may also access by title under "Blog Archive".

Once you read the post, you will see a choice at the bottom of the post that says "0 to any number of comments" ie, the number of comments that have been made. Click on that place, no matter what the number is, and a box will open up. It will say: "Post A Comment". Type what you wish to say in that box. :-)

Once you are finished click on "Post Comment". It may ask you how you want to be identified. Click on that box and choose what applies. Your comment will then be posted for all to see!

Additionally, there is statement near that box that says, "Follow by email". If you enter your email address there, you will automatically receive my blog posts as soon as I enter them.

One last thing, I would really appreciate it if you would sign up to be a "Follower" on my blog if you have not already done so. You can accomplish that by going to the first page of my blog. Under the picture of John and me, is a place that says "Followers" where you can enter your email address and your profile picture (if you have one) will show up). If you do not see these pictures, another place you can sign up to be a follower is at the top left-hand bar where it says "Follow". Again, simply click on that word and enter your email address.

I hope this is helpful and I hope to see you as a ""commenter" about relevant things and that you will sign up to be a "follower" real soon if you haven't already. Have a DELIGHTFUL day!


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