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Customize Your Candles..

My sister heard about this technique from a friend of hers. I tried it and it works-BEAUTIFULLY! Here's how you do this: Purchase a 6-inch high pillar candle, unscented for those of us who are allergic. (After many candles made, we have found that the scented candles don't hold the wax paper as well; it wrinkles. There must be oil of some kind in them.) You can use colored ones but for this one I used a white one. Choose a design you wish to use from a napkin you have purchased.

Napkins are generally three-ply. Remove the two back layers and trim the top layer with the design on it to the size of the height and width of the candle, leaving about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch overlay.
Next, cut a piece of household wax paper that is the same size as the napkin you just trimmed. Wrap the napkin and wax paper around the candle with the wax paper on top. Secure it at the bottom with a thick rubber band about an inch above the bottom. Hold it tightly in place and blow it with a heat gun all around, top to bottom. You will see the design melt into the candle like magic!

After the top is securely attached to the candle, remove the rubber band at the bottom and blow it all around with the heat gun so that the entire napkin and wax paper is melted into the candle.You can do this with virtually any napkin to customize your candles to your paper plates or other decor.

Another method that can be used would be to stamp a rubber stamp design onto a piece of paper, whatever colors you like. Cut around the design and melt a piece of wax paper on top of that and you have a completely different look. Awesome!! I would love to hear what you think about this project! Fill me in.


  1. FABULOUS!!!! These are so classy looking Deb! I have a great idea for a project...can you guess???

  2. What a great idea,the possabilites are endless.
    Think every occassion.House warming gift ,hostess gift... I am going to try this on a flameless candle.

  3. Susan, you will be so happy with the results! Hope you will take a picture of your finished project and email it to me. I'd love to see it!