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How to Make Floral Adornments for a Tea Table

Adding embellished bows and flowers to a table, especially a tea table has become a basic requirement for me.  It dresses up the table like nothing else can do, and so subtly.  I try to match or coordinate the artificial flowers with the real ones that will become centerpieces.  I think it completes the look of the table and makes it so much more above average.  I want my guests to be awed when they come in and sit down.  Above, a simple satin wired ribbon was crafted into a bow and embellished with flowers that will coordinate with the centerpiece.  The above floral bow compliments the centerpiece perfectly!

First gather the fabric of the top cloth with a large safety pin and pin it underneath the cloth. Loop the ribbon through the safety pin on the top. Gather the flowers and tie the bow around them. Work with the flowers until they lay the way you like. Above the adornment of a string of pearls is  added to kick it up one more notch.  Isn't it pretty?

Above is one of my favorite ways to beautify a table.  I first make bows from white or cream tulle, or whatever other color goes best with my scheme.  Then I attach artificial roses and leaves to the bow and it makes a beautifully feminine statement.  (The statement is:  you are really special to me and I am sooooo glad you are here!")  Very often I add a strip of satin ribbon cut with an inverted "V" at the bottom and slip it through the large safety pin for added embellishment. These take a little time to make and attach, but it is so worth it. 

The bows on the corners coordinate with the centerpiece roses

The floral bows above were designed to coordinated with the flowers in the tablecloth and the centerpiece flowers below.

I gathered flowers from the colors in the table cloth to fashion this arrangement.  First tie the tulle bow with at least four loops on each side and room to hang a bit of the tulle in the normalcy of a bow.  These flowers had to be attached with wire because they kept falling out of the arrangement without that process. (See instructions below).

You can enlarge the above picture by clicking "Control +" until you reach the size you wish.

I hope, if you are having a ladies only event, you have the chance to make these for your table.  They are the one element that ties a table together for a coordinated and upscale look. 

XOXOX, Debbie

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